Sorry, the cat got my tongue

Yep, it’s been way too long but I finally found a brief moment to catch up on my blog and not have to type the chopsticks method…one finger. Hannah’s in her bassinet, not sleeping (does she ever?), but giving me a chance.
The other night, Christian decided to get back into the gourmet cooking mode, after weeks of Domino’s, pasta and whatever else we could muster with the one last gasp of energy the two of us have at the end of the day.

And what did he make? Tongue! Okay, we’ve been watching a lot of Andrew Zimmern and Anthony Bourdain to lull us to sleep (well, to lull Hannah to sleep) these days, so we’ve been curious. Sure, El Paso Mexican restaurants have lots of “lengua” on their menus, but neither of us had ever had the, er, guts to try it out. I’ve had my share of menudo, so tripe isn’t a stranger, but tongue has never been a “must try” item, until now.
The prep work made me think twice, but Christian’s tongue/carrot/leek/cream casserole was outstanding. I had to use the suspension of disbelieve method to try, but once I did, I thought to myself that I could get into this “extreme eating” every so often. Beef cheeks are next.
Hannah’s Uncle Rosser came by for a visit and a stroller walk this afternoon, and Hannah was on her best behavior. She has a knack for being soooo good in public and when she has visitors. She saves her energy for right when the door closes and we’re alone. She is very good that way 😉
Now we’re off on a date. Yes, that’s right, a bona fide date. Dinner and then a coffee. We’ve played it safe with family restaurants like Applebee’s and State Line so far, but we’re going out on the edge tonight, to a quiet Vietnamese restaurant. I am making sure she’s well fed (maybe overly fed) right beforehand.
It’s great to be back on the blog and I pray I can manage to be coherent as my brain finally is coming back around.

Side note: We’ve got our tickets to Munich in May! Almost three weeks of introducing Hannah to her daddy’s family, as well as having a second honeymoon filled with long walks in the forest, visits to Bad Gögging, Abensberg, Regensburg and Passau, Schweinebraten, Oma’s Kartoffelsalat, Uli’s Gulasch, Pflaumenkuchen, Griessuppe…. God, this is going to be a LONG three months.


One response to “Sorry, the cat got my tongue

  1. Glad you’re back on the blog and glad I checked! Ed’s mother made that most delicious Tongue. I’ve never tried it. Not sure I want to touch it!

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