A visit from Oma Linda

My mom came over to have lunch with me and to spend some time with Hannah yesterday, and there’s nothing like seeing a grandparent hold her grandchild for the first time. My mom, not one to sit still for more than a millisecond if she can’t help it, was transfixed, glued to the sofa for more than an hour, singing cheer songs from her childhood that she probably hadn’t even remembered since then. And Hannah, who ALSO won’t sit still for more than a millisecond if she can’t help it, was transfixed… and slept, well, like a baby for the duration of my mom’s visit.

It was sheer delight watching my mom hold her only grandchild and I couldn’t help but think I in a way was revisiting my own babyhood watching mom with Hannah. Really an amazing, amazing sight.
I absolutely HAD to run errands yesterday and with one car, it meant I had to drop Christian off at work, Hannah strapped in the back seat, and take care of business with Hannah. I stopped by the DMV for some paperwork. Check (meaning not a peep out of Hannah). I went to the grocery store (check). I went to WIC and waited outside in the drivethru line for almost 20 minutes (check). No problems at all! She really enjoys the car seat, and that’s despite all the potholes all over El Paso’s streets. Hallelujah!
But when she gets home? Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! All day. Inconsolable. Feed her? Gives me about 10 minutes of bliss. Put her down in the bassinet? Wrong! Pick her up to cradle her to sleep? Wrong! Feed her some more? Wrong! It was too cold outside to take her out in the stroller, so I was homebound and had to try to learn what Hannah is saying with her crying. I still haven’t quite learned, but it could have been just an explosion of overstimulation with the car ride, Tummy Time, and a onesie that wouldn’t cooperate when I tried to put it on Hannah (why do they make the arm holes sooooo small on those onesies??? Or does she have oversize hands??)
It’s her two week birthday today. Mommy got FIVE hours of sleep last night AND a bath!!!! First bath in two weeks…a LUXURY for a bath girl who’s had to shower for fourteen days straight.
And Daddy Christian kindly made dinner for us both last night, where I managed (don’t ask me how!) to actually FALL ASLEEP while EATING!!! NO joke. I was literally eating a bite and dozed off).
Now it’s almost 3 a.m., Mommy’s on call until 6 a.m., and she wouldn’t trade this for the world…


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