Splish splash

Hannah had her first bath yesterday. Well, her first sponge bath. It amazingly went much smoother than I’d anticipated, thanks to Christian, his patience, and his large hands that were able to hold her without excessive squirming.

At first she was curious about it all, until the time it was necessary to get a bit wet. Not a happy camper, but not wailing and bawling too much either. Me, nervous mom, chose to be the archivist and record the photos for posterity and future embarrassment.
We also assembled Hannah’s Fisher Price Swing and Seat, one with a jungle motif and the most horrible synthesized music available for children’s toys, lol. But we’ll leave off the music and just let her listen to Brahms, Debussy, Bach, Carly Simon, Elton John and Donovan, to name a few of our current “to sleep” favorites. That Swing and Seat is a godsend, I tell you. More than 10 minutes of uninterrupted adult time is a precious, precious commodity, and this seat provides that!
This morning, at the doctor, we were notified that Hannah has regained all of her birth weight she lost the two or so days right after the birth, and on top of that has gained three ounces. Whoo hooo! I was so afraid she wouldn’t have gained enough from what I can naturally provide and from the fact she likes to spit up fairly often. She also passed her hearing test with flying colors, after having failed it at the hospital (I found out later that C section babies tend to accumulate some fluid in the ear).
In the evening, we took a nice stroll around our neighborhood and were pleased to see that Hannah has absolutely no problem with bumps and potholes. Such a score! If she gets in a crying jag, I will immediately put her in the stroller and take her out for some exercise.
On exercise: I feel like a sloth, although I know I’m not. I am cleaning house like it’s the last day of earth, but I’ve yet to go on one of my beloved power walks. I’m aiming for it today, though. Although it’s odd not having the luxury of deciding when and where I will exercise anymore, the benefits are far, far greater!


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