Checkin’ out the ‘hood

Today we took Hannah on her first “walk.” And my first “walk” since the C section last week. We only went about 20 minutes, but definitely long enough for Hannah and, unfortunately, me. I hate taking “baby steps” (no pun intended) in recovery, and wish I could just hop into a jog right now. But my body tells me differently. And besides… I’m going to have a tough, tough time keeping up with my former exercise routine. Easy does it.

We took Hannah to the El Paso Country Club, starting off around the parking lot and later making our way to Vista del Monte, Linda and Woodland streets. It was a gorgeous day, and I was with my gorgeous husband and gorgeous baby girl, Hannah.
Life is so good to me.

Christian’s taking a MUCH needed nap, and it’s my turn for a nap in about 30 minutes. We have to laugh at the absurdity of the fact that just over one week ago, we’d be HURTING for something to do to pass the time (“Another nap?” “Let’s go to Starbucks (again) for a latte,” or “I’ll cook us up a three-course dinner..” Lol, the good old days. Or were they? These days look pretty good to me right now! I wouldn’t trade motherhood for anything, bad sleep, no eating, crying, exhausted… bring it on! I forget all about it when I look at Hannah.


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