So this is love…

Although I’m still keeled over, walking like the hunchback of Notre Dame and praying I don’t have to laugh, sneeze or cough, I’m getting much better by the day and both of us are so very grateful we decided to make boatloads of goulash and stews RIGHT before I went into labor, to freeze for the coming days.
We’re at home now, just loving our little baby Hannah, with our cell phone off, the shades drawn, and our entire existence devoted entirely to this 6 pound miracle we’ve created.

Yes I am that annoying new mommy that talks incessantly about her newborn, tying every conceivable topic to that of mothering, birth and children 😉
I promise not to be like this forever.
Today for lunch we had what we had for dinner last night, and will probably have for lunch tomorrow. Christian’s goulash with sauerkraut, an “Asian” salad I made with sesame oil, soy sauce, greens, onions and cukes; baguette; and some frozen brownies I stashed away at Christmas time.
Dieting back to my fighting weight isn’t an option while breast feeding, so instead I am just going to ignore the scale and hope nature is kind to me 🙂 Anyways… I have two stollen loaves left, two holiday containers of brownies, Dominostein cookies, chocolates and Magic Bars that must be consumed before they go bad… right?


2 responses to “So this is love…

  1. Well, congratulations, she is just precious! I am sorry you didn’t get your birthplan the way you wanted it, but in the end, you got a healthy beautiful girl. And that’s what matters. Enjoy each other and get to know the new little Erdenbuergerin!

  2. what an adorable little girl you have!

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