Hello, Hannah!!!!

Okay, so my birth plan was trashed the moment the contractions started! This “I’m going natural” mama chickened out and went straight for the epidural. And the C-section I insisted I’d never have? Well, yep. You guessed it.
Forgive me for not elaborating now, because I’m still in the hospital recovering from the surgery. Hopefully we’ll get out today. But long story short?
I have NEVER known as deep a love as I do now, looking at my precious daughter and just awed by it all. Christian and I are so smitten. SO, so, so smitten!!
I’ll check in when we check out of here!


2 responses to “Hello, Hannah!!!!

  1. No mind how you arrived here, you are VERY WELCOME and VERY BEAUTIFUL Hannah!

  2. A very beautiful little girl. Congratulations and best wishes as you settle in together.

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