Bakin’ with my baby (while my baby STILL bakes)

Well, I was fairly convinced I would go into labor around Christmas-time, with the symptoms I had earlier and the fact that, on my last ultrasound, Hannah was measuring big. Buttttttttt, no. Nope. Hannah is perfectly content in her comfy (to her!) position, feet below my right rib cage, head bobbing around like a bobble toy wayyyy down below, and jabs to my navel like a true champ.
I have my weekly prenatal exam this morning to check on dilation and effacement, and I’m really going to be bummed if he tells me I’m at 0%. If this is me at 0%, god help those who are around me at 8 or 9 cm!
But at least it means a little more one-on-one time with Christian, doing our “thing,” hanging on dearly to our traditions and habits that we know will be a thing of the past in just a few (Days? Hours? Weeks?)
Yesterday was a great “date day.” We puttered around the house in the morning and then had our cuppa joe at Starbucks before heading to the blessedly UN-crowded grocery store (makes me want to celebrate Christmas two days late…sales AND no lines!). After a lunch of leftover lox and bagels, we took a very indulgent nap (a daily MUST for me these days) and then decided to take a walk near the El Paso Country Club and admire (well, gawk at) the amazing homes that overlook the golf course. Oh! And to check out the wild parrots (yep!) that live in the trees by the golf course.
And last night we continued our Culinary Travel Nights…Destination: The former Yugoslavia. Christian chose to make as his main course a delicious stuffed bell pepper, full of ham, peppers, breading, sour cream and tomato. For an appetizer, I chose to make a Yugoslavian white bean puree, served with baguette (and very similar in taste to hummus). For dessert, a cake filled with nuts and currants in a sour cream-vanilla sauce. Christian’s bell pepper was by far the winner of this unofficial cooking contest, but we both were winners in terms of getting to eat some unusual and sinfully tasty food.
Alright… who am I kidding? I’m having a HARD time concentrating on the blog and finding witty, charming and useful things to say! All I can think of is Hannah, Hannah, Hannah. Labor, labor, labor. Hospital, hospital, hospital… So please bear with me if I go off on tangents or seem to doze off mid-sentence!


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