Just the two of us…???

Our “party of two” days are coming quickly to an end as we get ready for Hannah’s arrival, but we’re finding that we’re BOTH nesting, getting our home and our lives ready for the big day. So much for the theory that it’s just the pregnant woman who “nests” in the last days of her pregnancy, becoming obsessed with cleaning, organizing, cooking, hoarding, etc. Men do it too!
Last night we took it easy in the kitchen, making brotzeit with leftover sausage, salad, pretzels and fruit. We’ve already frozen enough meals for the post-partum period to feed an army, so we won’t be worrying about cooking intricate meals for a while. But then again, I have a feeling we will anyway! It’s just too much fun to have our “Culinary Travel” meals and coming up with new, exotic variations. Hannah will NOT grow up on chicken nuggets or tater tots, that is for sure.
We’re also ramping up our little duo projects, like making papier maché ornaments and photo frames, spending our last days alone together just resting, taking it easy, and talking about so many things, like our own childhoods, our dreams for ourselves and for Hannah, and just getting to know a whole new layer of each other. It’s really just a great, great time!
Today was the first day I really felt like, “Uh, oh. Wow, this is close.” I mean, I was having Braxton Hicks contractions fairly consistently all day, and had to think twice before getting in and out of the car, much less try to walk with any grace whatsoever. The contractions settled down, but not before I wondered if today would be the day. Luckily the hospital bag is now in the Jeep 24/7 and I carry my insurance papers on me at all times now. It’s really frustrating not having any clue about when it will be!!!
This morning we went to go see “127 Hours,” the movie about the rock climber who had to sever his own arm after being trapped in a cave by a loose boulder. Awesome, awesome movie, but NOT for someone SO near labor, lol. The suspense, quick editing and “THE SCENE” of his self-amputation I am SURE upped my due date by a few days. But a great movie nevertheless.
Tonight I cook. I am typing this blog with my brain half focused on what I can possibly make that will even come close to what Christian would do with the breast of chicken and the leftover dark turkey meat we have set out specifically for dinner. After feasting on Taco Tote at lunch time, I am going to go with bland. After all, another night of heartburn is NOT invited.


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