On a roll…

Yesterday night we had our Culinary Travel dinner, with this theme being “Taiwan.” Being as it is we’re a bit preoccupied these days, we didn’t get cooking until fairly late in the day and, by the time Christian had rolled his last egg roll and I’d further progressed my carpal tunnel by stirring, stirring, stirring the very glutinous and thick chicken congee, we’d decided our goal of making mochi for dessert was just too much to ask. Oh well, today all we have on our plate is my prenatal appointment this morning and walking the dogs, so it’s mochi and leftover egg rolls and conchee for the foreseeable future (we keep on forgetting that it’s just two of us eating, not the 8 that are typical for the recipes we find).

As always, Christian won this round. His egg rolls simply rocked my world. Crispy and light without being soggy and a grease-fest like most Chinese restaurant egg rolls are. I usually don’t order egg rolls at restaurants (spring rolls? A big YES, but not egg rolls) because they’re just so greasy! My chicken congee (filled with rice, chicken, coconut milk, bok choi, chicken broth, habanero flakes and dried bonito flakes) was a bit on the bland side, but very good for me, considering heartburn has been a constant for the last two weeks.
And for lunch yesterday? My absolute favorite thing in the world, courtesy of Christian… Pfannkuchen! I could…and would… live on the stuff for every meal, every day. Filled with plum jam and a side of fruit salad? God, I can’t get enough!
I’m 37 weeks pregnant now… that is technically full term, and yes, I feel it! There is such a big part of me that wants it DONE, DONE, DONE…but another that will mourn the loss of being pregnant and feeling Hannah growing and moving, safely, inside of me. I’m anxious about this appointment today, I guess because we’ll have a clearer picture about her growth and expected arrival. And we’ll find out if these contractions I’ve been feeling are the real deal or just a “warm up.”
There is still a little voice inside my head that says “Christmas Baby.” But if she is not, and sticks to her due date, I won’t mind. I just hope Christian doesn’t mind another two weeks of moans, groans, sobs, tantrums, weird food combos and sweatpants 😉


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