Light show

Last night we went to Scenic Drive to see the luminarias, something I’d never done, even though I grew up less than a mile from Scenic Drive. I mean, sure, I’d BEEN to Scenic Drive, but I’d always avoided the special night of lights because I thought, “How cool could it be? And I’ve seen cool…the Vegas Strip, Rockefeller Center, the midnight torch runs in Aspen, the Christmas Markts in Frankfurt, Regensburg and Munich…”
Okay, the luminarias didn’t blow me away, especially with the backdrop of the City of El Paso down below (the “jewel box” they call it at night), many were blown out, the lines of cars were long, and the living nativity scene mixed Nikes and hoodies with “authentic” burlap robes… but it was SO El Paso tradition and a great opportunity to take in the majestic views of the city as well as the fantastic lighted homes along Rim Road.

My pictures didn’t turn out, i.e., no way of seeing the luminarias and I will never get how to take night photos. But they did turn out “artsy” at least.
Before our Christmas car ride, Christian made us some bacon-wrapped sausages and sauerkraut to warm us up…and tonight is our Culinary Travel Night… Taiwan! We’ve not had our Travel Night in a few weeks and we’re looking forward to getting back in the cooking saddle.
And the countdown to Hannah continues. And continues. And continues. Lol. She’s not due yet (two more weeks) so I have no right to complain yet. But oh those nightly heartburn attacks, the inability to see or shave my legs, and the slow demise of my beloved daily walks is getting to me! It’s all good and I’m learning to just sit down and relax, but it doesn’t come easy.


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