The hibernation

Monday night was the very last of the celebration parties for me, Christian and Hannah and…quite possibly…the last party we attended as just husband and wife, pre-child. No Christmas parties lined up for us and nothing new is on the agenda, other than my now-weekly prenatal visits, a WIC class, and delivering gifts. It’s all about the comforts of home now, and home has never been sweeter!
In terms of my body, there’s been lots of activity, lol. Hannah’s wayyyyyyyyyyyyy down. Yes, she’s dropped, as they say, although I for some reason thought it would be a more obvious, sudden event. I’m a FTM, as the chat-room lingo goes (First-Time Mom), and oblivious to so much, which I guess is a good thing. On Monday at my last prenatal exam, the doctor flat out told us that Hannah could come as early as Christmas. Not that she WILL, but she COULD… “If you want,” were his words. Well I want her YESTERDAY, but we won’t induce, so we’re just playing the waiting game now!
Our turkey that we made on Sunday is quickly becoming extinct. Yep, we’ve had turkey for every meal since Sunday night and frankly I’m glad to see that there’s just one breast half left…Christian gets it in his lunch today, lol. I’ll be just fine with the cranberry relish, some creamed onions and perhaps a blondie or two or six (Christian had some blondies a co-worker made and got the recipe. He made me try three yesterday, in various stages of cooling off. I TRIED to say no, really). Now that I go to the doctor every week, I will refrain from looking at the scale from here on out. Pointless and unnecessarily traumatic.
My favorite places in the world right now? My computer desk, filled with great photos, my magazines and my beloved OLD iMac; my bed (need I say more?); and the sight of my hospital bag all packed up and ready to frantically grab as we rush out the door…


On a sad note: The village of Cloudcroft, New Mexico, where I spent my summers as a youth and where I lived and worked for more than two years, suffered a devastating blow in the form of a fire on Monday. It wiped out almost half of the boardwalk (and the entire Pine Stump Mall) which is where the majority of businesses are found in the town. Lost in the fire were the Copper Butterfly, Dave’s Pine Cone Cafe, and other shops that catered to the tourist trade. The village will rebuild, but it’s so sad to see history gone in a puff of smoke.
If you live in the region, GO and visit Cloudcroft, shop the shops, eat at the restaurants, stay at the lodges and motels and give them business. They really need it!


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