A feast for three

Our advent wreath

I’d mentioned in a previous blog that Christian and I, a few weeks ago, got a free turkey for purchasing more than $100 at Albertson’s. It was close to the time that Christian was heading to Germany, and he was going to miss Thanksgiving here altogether, so we decided to wait until he returned Stateside to cook the bird and have ourselves a “Holiday Meal,” (not quite Thanksgiving, not quite Christmas). That meal was last night.
Christian was in charge of the turkey, thank god. I have tried to make a turkey once, and suffice it to say, frozen and fried at the same time is how mine turned out. His first effort? Impeccable. Of course. I’ve never seen the man make a mistake with cooking meat, ever. I knew the turkey was in good hands from the get-go.
I don’t know how Christian does it, oh, wait, yes I do. He FOLLOWS DIRECTIONS. He watched at LEAST two whole videos online about how to prepare a turkey for roasting. He bought all the required AND suggested supplies, and he followed their directions. Uh, something I’m still learning to do at (almost) 40.
At least I didn’t SUCK at the side items, which was my domain. But then again, how hard can it be to dump two cans of green beans, a can of cream of mushroom soup and fried onions together and bake in the oven? Although the creamed onions were a bit more time consuming, nothing I made required the care, constant tending-to, or patience as the turkey which, by the way, WAS the most tender, succulent and perfectly roasted turkey I have ever had. No, it’s not a case of post-party warm and fuzzies. It was just great!
Christian has mastered the American holiday meal. I get to look forward to his German Christmas meal in just about 11 days, and my American Christmas brunch on December 25.
But for now, it’s going to be turkey sandwiches, turkey tettrazini, turkey salad, turkey nachos… I feel like Bubba in “Forrest Gump,” lol… We’ve got LOTS of leftovers, little room, but takeout meals for the foreseeable future!
Here’s some photos from before, during and after last night’s gluttony fest:


One response to “A feast for three

  1. Happy late thanksgiving, then 🙂

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