Baum, Brotzeit … and a bike

Christian’s homecoming was about the greatest it can get…for some reason even more intense and emotional than the times we were separated many months at a time in years past. It was only two weeks he was gone, but seeing him at the airport made me giddy and unable to refrain from those sappy P.D.A.s, unfortunately, lol. Yesterday, his first day back, he had to work from 7:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., but we certainly made up for lost time after work, picking up part of his Christmas present, an exercise bike that had been shipped to dad’s office; getting our Christmas tree from a lot tent on Mesa Street, getting some supplies at Home Depot, getting our obligatory lattes from Starbucks, watching the pilot of “Lost” (no, I’d never seen the show, and now that we FINALLY have Netflix, I promised Christian I’d watch every single one with him), having brotzeit on our new brotzeit plates Christian brought home from Germany; and cozying up and catching up.

Brotzeit: Pancetta, smoked trout, senf, salat, Gruyere, olives, baguette

Smoked trout from the German Christkindlmarkt at Fort Bliss

Christian brought home some of my favorite indulgences: face masques from Müller and Schlecker, the brotzeitteller, a gorgeous table cover with Edelweiss and ducks; magazines such as Lea, Frau im Blick, Frau im Trend, Tina and Bild der Frau…. if it was on the racks, I’ve got it. He also brought home some cookbooks, Penaten and Bebe products for Hannah… and the cutest EVER Steiff Cozy Snail for Hannah. A very early merry Christmas!
Our tree is making our little apartment smell like the Bavarian forest. We’ll be decorating tonight. It is amazing we have managed to find room for not only the new exercise bike, but also for the tree. Although the apartment is looking, well, pretty busy, we love it and can’t wait until it’s bursting at the seams with Hannah’s arrival.


One response to “Baum, Brotzeit … and a bike

  1. Thumbs up !!! We are probably going to decorate our tree tonight. Your tree looks cute and just fits perfect in that little corner by the couch. Face Masques from Schlecker are just the best, I like them and always have my daughter send me some.
    We had our “lost” season in july and august, we bought the whole set and were watching every single one! When they were showing it on tv we never had time to watch it.
    Enjoy reading your magazines 🙂

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