Oh so thankful!

This is the season to reflect back and take a deep inventory of what we are grateful for, what we can and should make better about ourselves, and sharing our good fortune with others. Even if we’re not basking in material pleasures, even if we have issues in our lives that we are trying to change, even if we think we don’t have time to spread ourselves too thin … we can reach out and help others.
I’m a late bloomer… but I DID bloom, and very recently! Comes to show there’s a time, a place, a reason and a season for everyone. I’m testament to that.
What I’m grateful for this season:

1. The impending arrival of our precious, unexpected, miracle daughter, Hannah.

Ultrasound photo soon to be replaced with her hospital photo!

2. The restoration of my health this past year.
3. My adoring and adorable, pillar-of-strength, gorgeous, practical, insightful, utterly intelligent, witty, gentle and dedicated husband…without whom (1) and (2) would be possible.
4. Family spread all over the globe, literally.
5. Having everything I need and realizing it is everything I want.
6. Getting a new perspective on life and actually being able to see things through a child’s eye once again.
7. Getting to celebrate both German Christmas and American Christmas this year.
8. Maternity leave has been pretty friggin’ great 😉
9. Friends who have been there despite my ups and downs, not judging me or deserting me.
10. New friends who have given me so much wisdom and life skills this past year.
11. Having a husband who can cook, and is coming home from Germany TOMORROW (!!!!), who will get me away from this last two week’s horrible meals of Lean Cuisines, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and nuked potatoes…

The last of the Lean Cuisines... thank god

12. Knowing it isn’t worth it to hold grudges, harbor jealousy, compare myself to others, dwell on the past or fear for the future.


One response to “Oh so thankful!

  1. Great gratitude list! Good practice to do often! We are all so blessed!

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