This little piggy went to the Markt

No, my dear friends, that IS how you spell Markt, when you’re talking about the German Christkindlmarkt at Fort Bliss, where I spent the good part of Saturday doing the last of my Christmas shopping for stocking stuffers. The “piggy” part? Oh, let’s just say I did my share of sampling of the plethora of holiday goodies offered by vendors selling items such as Lebkuchen, smoked trout/salmon/herring sandwiches, Stollen, sugared almonds, goulash soup, a room-full of cakes and pastries, bratwurst, jams… if it was German and reflected the holidays, chances are you could find it.

Dad takes on a bratwurst sandwich

Bootie included: two knitted purses (one a green Edelweiss, the other black and red with ladybug buttons…both filled with German Christmas cookies; an imported table runner with Bavarian blue and white bordering and smiling ducks; two Stollen, some Dominostein chocolates, Lebkuchen, and a whole smoked trout (which I’ve promised to save for Christian to share with me when he returns from Germany). Granted, some of the vendors weren’t selling German items (for those who miss going to the “mercado” in Juarez but value their lives a bit too much, there were vendors selling Mexican handcrafts, as well), but for the most part it was a very decent replica of the sights and smells of the real deal. It certainly was a treat to be immersed in the culture, language and cuisine, even if I DID get a little sunburn on my face and had to call 911 for an elderly woman who fell and hit her head right next to me (she is okay, thank god).
I couldn’t go to the Christkindlmarkt at Rohr, or at Abensberg, or Regensburg or Frankfurt as I did last year (I hit all four of those, some more than once)… but at least a little of them came to ME.


2 responses to “This little piggy went to the Markt

  1. Hmmmmm !!!!!!! Lebkuchen, Stollen, Dominosteine. 🙂 I am waiting for a christmas-goodie-package from home, my sisters sent it two weeks ago and hopefully it will be here any time soon. And till I’ll get it i have to do without and just looking at pictures 😉
    glad you had a good time.

    • The cool thing is, the items were shipped direct from Germany and not Americanized versions of German stuff. Not too sure about the homemade Stollen yet… a local woman made them. But she is German, and owns Eva’s Old Edelweiss, a restaurant here in town. Today is yet another Christmas bazaar, closer to home. So tempted, but Christian would not approve, lol. I’ll continue on crafts and housework today. Anything to keep my wallet intact.

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