What’s for dinner? Don’t ask

Okay, I was putting off showing what I’ve been eating the last few days, mainly out of embarrassment and a bit of laziness. But I did promise I’d be real on this blog and not sugarcoat or embellish. SO, here it is. Here’s the gist of the meals I’ve eaten in the last few days since my hubby’s gone to Germany.
It’s not like I’m broke, or depressed (well, okay, a LITTLE) or unable to cook up something scrumptious. I’ve just sort of lost my kitchen mojo and I’ve also had some REALLY bizarre cravings the last few days (those who say pregnancy cravings go away in the second trimester are sadly mistaken. Or I’m a freak ;-))
Mrs. Cubberson’s turkey stuffing bread cubes on top of microwave scrambled eggs and green beans? Basil and cheese melted on, gasp, “fake” wheat pre-sliced bread? Freezer-burned chocolate chip-cayenne pepper (yes, really) drop cookies left over from my shower? You get the picture. It’s time to get back in the kitchen and it’s time to FOLLOW RECIPES!
In the meantime, I’m naughtily enjoying the food porn my husband’s sending me from home in Bavaria, knowing full well that in just one week I’ll be eating like a human being again. I guess I should celebrate this ability to throw whatever the heck I like in a bowl and nuke it. It won’t ever happen again.


On a better note, today was the first day of December and the day I got to start opening all three of the advent calendars we have on display at home: One for Christian, one for me and one for all three of us (okay, I opened all of them for us since Christian’s not here and Hannah is here but not really here, lol). I also lit the first candle of our advent wreath while I had lunch (if you call it lunch) and played some Christmas music for me and for Hannah. I’m so into the Christmas spirit this year it almost hurts! I haven’t felt this way about Christmas since I was about 10 years old, practicing running up our spiral staircase to make it the fastest into the living room to open presents.
This year is going to be a blow-out Christmas, even if I’m in the maternity ward at the time. The nurses and staff will be LUCKY to have me as their patient! 🙂 (yes, I’ve already thought of little “gifts” for the hospital staff. God, I’m turning into Martha Stewart…)


3 responses to “What’s for dinner? Don’t ask

  1. I am not much motivated in cooking either right now. seems i’ve been saving all my energy for christmas dinner 🙂 the last couple of days it was pretty much potatoes, noodles, scrambled eggs and vegetables. today i am going to make chicken teriyaki as this does not require a lot of effort and i don’t have much time as i need to go on with decorating the house. the temperature dropped a little here, this morning it was 57, very pleasant, so i went for an early morning walk.
    they idea with christmas gitfs for the hospital stuff is not so bad, my son was born december 22 and i had to stay for a week in hospital that means i spent christmas there and the stuff enjoyed the little gifts 🙂 anyway i keep my fingers crossed for you that you get to spend christmas at home and hannah will be a good girl and wait till january 😉

    • I am getting ready for a walk myself. I think I’ll head over to the Rio Grande and take photos of the ducks, if they’re around. It’s BITTER cold here until around 9 a.m…. it reached the 20s last night! Luckily the days get up into the 60s. I’ve felt a little better, but still congested and a sore throat. And Christian, poor honey, is in bed in Rohr with a stomach bug. But he said it didn’t stop him from having three bowls of potato soup for lunch at least 🙂 Today is a “nose in” day for me… movies, tea, bed, Skype with Christian and MAYBE a trip to Walgreen’s to get some cold medicine and an advent calendar for my mom (she was jealous I have so many, lol!). Other than the walk, I think I’ll stay indoors. Well, MAYBE a trip to Starbucks in the afternoon. A gingerbread latte is sounding really amazing to me right now. Or a hot Chai. For lunch I’ll go ahead and make some pasta with lots of veggies and garlic to stave off the cold. Then I’ll watch a movie called “Avenue Montaigne,” a French film I rented from Blockbuster. So, what kind of little gifts did you give the staff? Wow, it must have been really bittersweet to be in the hospital at Christmas. Did you get to choose between red or green Jello? 😉 No, seriously, I DO wonder about that. Hannah’s got quite a few chances for a holiday birthday… Christmas Eve (German Christmas, of course), Christmas Day (U.S. Christmas), Boxing Day, New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day and her due date, Three Kings Day. Whew!

  2. wow, hannah really DOES has a choice between all them holidays, lets see which one she’ll choose 🙂
    My son was born 27 years ago and back then it was ok to give the hospital stuff them little christmas stockings filled with goodies and my mom made some gingerbread cookies. and yes it was bittersweet because i already had a little almost two year old girl at home missing her mom at christmas but she got a baby brother for christmas so that kind of made up for 🙂
    by the way next year is going to be very exciting because my husbands daughter is pregnant too, she’s due in august. so all together we’ll be having three grandkids . . . so far 🙂

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