To borrow a phrase from my friend Kay who, with her husband, will have days when the two of them don’t even leave the house but rather putter around, read, eat, nap and just get away from it all. Today’s that day for me. No, I did NOT join in on the madness of Black Friday, which is a lesson in masochism.
Instead, I got out our Christmas decorations and went to work. A bit of German and a bit of American and a whole lot of whimsy and childlike fun. I put up two advent calendars on our bulletin board, one for me and one for Christian, as well as a Playmobil “Forest” advent calendar for both of us to play with. I also created an advent wreath, with pinecones and nuts I’d found on walks in Bavaria. And of course I put out the nutcracker, the Russian doll and the little smoker, a wooden man carrying a basket of apples with a pipe in his mouth. You put incense in the cavity of the body and the smoke comes out his pipe. Love it!
Today will be the start of my holiday baking. This year, on top of gifts, I’m making a bunch of seasonal goodies to give out to friends and family. Not unusual at all, right? Well, for NORMAL people, no. I’m not normal nor have I ever had any drive to do this in the past. But I’m on a holiday rampage, I tell ya. It’s absurd, almost, but I’m milking it for all it’s worth.
Christian has made it home to Germany safely, and I’m so looking forward to our first Skype conversation later today. He’s already indulged in his absolute favorite, Leberkäse, for lunch, and he napped in his old bed, with the snow falling outside his window. He’s now having Kaffee und Kuchen with his family…I’m so, so sad not to be there, but Hannah’s keeping me company. Man, is she ever! She’s getting too big to really punch me hard, but she’s swaying and prodding, keeping me entertained.
It’s FINALLY cold here in El Paso. That means no early walks. It’s 31 right now and the high will be 54. But so deceptive, with the sun shining so brightly and not a cloud in the sky. I’ll Skype with Christian, then attempt a brisk walk over to the Rio Grande, come home for a PB&J lunch, most likely nap, and finish watching “The Devil Wears Prada,” which I inexplicably have never seen before…
Anyone else nosing in today?


2 responses to “Nosing-in

  1. ha ha i did too. slept in, had a good breakfast, then walking the dogs, reading a little, looking through pictures, had leftover cornbread for late lunch and a BIG cup of tea . . . have all the christmas decorations spread out in grandbabys room to sort through but did not get much done 🙂 . . . once in a while it is sooo relaxing to just being lazy 😉

    • Genau! I loved having a lazy day… well, until around 4 p.m., after a two hour nap. I figured I HAD to get out of the house at one point. I made the mistake of going to Lowe’s for a shower nozzle. Well, I’m sure it wasn’t as bad as going to Target or Babies R Us today, but it wasn’t good. Now it’s that time of day, and I’m getting ready to make dinner, but now that the day is winding down, I’m getting very, very sad and lonely for Christian…ughhhhh. Well, I’ll watch “Sex and the City Part II” and hope that Samantha makes me laugh 😉

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