Ah, so THAT’S Thanksgiving

This is the year…this is the year I have waited for all my life. The year everything I ever wanted transpired, the year some major miracles happened…and the year I finally realized what Thanksgiving’s all about.
Although it was a horribly rough morning, sending my husband off at 4 a.m. to Germany, it was bittersweet. Because we used to be separated months and months at a time, and now it’s less than two weeks. It was hard this time because TWO of us will miss him, me and Hannah, and my husband couldn’t share this special day with me.
However, we’ve got a 20 pound turkey in the freezer (and a big bun in the oven) WAITING for his safe return, and when he gets back, he gets a very special holiday meal, with ALL the trimmings. The bun in the oven will (fingers crossed!) wait until after the holidays.
After having breakfast with my husband at the airport (Starbucks opens at 4:30, weeeee!), I returned home and napped for another 2 hours before getting up and getting motivated for a brisk 30 minute walk around the neighborhood. Well, a waddle is more like it, but I got it done. Then I got ready and headed on over to my dad’s house to go with him to the El Paso Club for our Thanksgiving brunch. Country Club, restaurant or private club holiday meals can be sketchy at best, but luckily for us, we had excellent food, great service and a bird’s eye view of the entire city. Perfect (well, except for the sushi… buffets shouldn’t have sushi, period). Only in El Paso will you find on a Thanksgiving menu the following: Pork adobado, mahi mahi, turkey (duh), roast beef, cheese stuffed jalapenos, jicama salad, pate, brie alongside asadero cheese, sushi, Waldorf salad, ceviche and pico de gallo. But it seemed to just work.
After brunch, I headed on over to mom’s to say hello and check out her and Rosser’s (my brother) very early, early start to Christmas decorating. No Charlie Brown tree here. Nope. More like 4 separate Christmas trees and more toys, nutcrackers, candles and batter-operated Santas and such to make FAO Schwartz blush.
I wanted to put off going back home because frankly, it’s no fun going home to no one. But with some DVDs borrowed from Rosser, the newest gossip magazines and a bathtub surrounded by candles, I just might make it out of this, Day One of Christian’s trip.
Happy Thanksgiving to everyone, and remember just what it is that makes it THANKSgiving….


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