Cleaning? Check. Now, cooking…

Hannah’s nursery corner is done! I’ve got all her things put away, her bassinet all set up, my diaper bag AND hospital bag both packed and good to go, and my mom’s drawing of me that was given to me at my shower last week hung on the wall… I can take a breath now. Or can I?

I’ve got my nesting down, that’s for sure. Give me a sponge, mop, Mr. Clean, a vacuum and some towels, and I’m a very happy camper. Give me a life’s worth of photographs stuffed into a picnic basket and ask me to date and organize them? No prob. Give me my entire existence in financial records and tell me I must get them in perfect order and shred the rest? Gotcha. Heck, give me a toothbrush and tell me to clean the bathroom ceiling to cracks between tiles and I’ll oblige. But that kitchen thing….
I always wanted to be a mom who was known for her cooking (in a very good way, of course). The one that cooked so well that my kid’s friends would beg to stay over for dinner. The one who had the “perfect” meal every night at precisely 6:30 p.m. Okay, there’s one good thing about having a baby at (ALMOST) 40 years old. I’ve relaxed my standards a little. But I still don’t want to be known as the mom who makes funky, mismatched and horrible meals, and I want my daughter to be healthy and happy to sit down at the dinner table each night. Thank god Christian is a master cook and rarely protests TOO much about my juvenile efforts at the stove.
I’m also going to try to make most of my daughter’s first foods. I’ve bought books on the subject of making homemade baby food and it doesn’t seem TOO difficult. Plus, I’ll be able to avoid all the additives, salt and sugar that is found in most commercial products. My first food was peas… Hannah can do better than that! I want her first food to be a “Pureed melange of rutabaga, heirloom sugar snap peas and baby spinach with a fine dusting of South China Sea rice cereal, sprinkled with lait au Mami.” Or something along those lines 😉 No, in actuality, I DO want to make as much of her first food be as natural and basic as possible, with the understanding that Gerber jars WILL be on hand for emergencies. I also want to start her on veggies as opposed to fruits. Some say that will get her to appreciate the less sweet foods before taking for granted that all food must be sweet to be good. I have no experience on the subject, but it sounds reasonable to me.
Now, in terms of MY food. Well, I’ve been eating like a champ the last few days. A sumo wrestler champ, that is. It’s like the baby shower just took all inhibitions and sense of control and said, “See ya!” I managed yesterday to eat three… yes, three… slices of pumpkin cake AFTER lunch. And that didn’t stop me from eating dinner, either. I’m hoping that’s an exception, not the rule, but I must admit. It felt good, tasted good, and gosh darn it, I deserved it!
Here’s yesterday’s breakfast, an alpine muesli I made up of oatmeal, wheat berries, diced pear, plain Greek yogurt, honey oat cereal and mixed nuts with a dash of cinnamon. Here’s yesterday’s dinner, made by moi. Organic refried black beans with cumin and onion powder, cheese and onion quesadillas and confetti salad. No dessert (didn’t have any left in the fridge! Otherwise, I might have…)


2 responses to “Cleaning? Check. Now, cooking…

  1. when my kids where little i couldn’t cook . . . or at least not very well. over the years i gained some experience and was getting better. but i have stories to tell about A LOT of messed up meals . . .
    you are very welcome to use that stollen recipe for your cookbook, just remember, the yeast dough is made with flour, milk (warm) and yeast, in the recipe it says only flour, i just copied it and was not aware of that mistake.

    • Much, much thanks! I am so excited to try it out. I just got through having lunch with mom at Dane’s, an upscale steakhouse here in town. Chicken Piccata and molten lava chocolate cake. God help me, lol. At least I walked the dogs for about 45 minutes this morning. Or rather, they walked me. Christian wants to make bratwurst and sauerkraut tonight. I’ve never NOT wanted that, until now. Now a piece of clementine or half an apple has never sounded better for dinner…

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