Culinary Travel Part IV: Finland

Alright, I have to admit last night’s Culinary Travel Adventure Part IV was a bit of an afterthought. After Saturday’s Baby Shower and all the hoopla and cleaning up and thank you card writing, etc., we barely remembered to even HAVE our adventure. But we did, and this week it was Finland. So I put all the baby bootie in the corner and got hunkering down with the cooking task.
Since I’d chosen the country (selfishly, I might add, because I’ve really been craving salmon, so I KNEW I had to pick a Scandinavian country), I was in charge of the main dish, while Christian made the appetizer and dessert. His appetizer, sauerkraut soup, was the ULTIMATE comfort food, made with chunks of pork, slices of ham, beef broth and sauerkraut. Now, THIS is what should be served to the convalescent! Pure comfort food, full of minerals and Vit C, and amazingly tasty!!!
My entree, salmon casserole, was made with chopped peeled potatoes, diced onions, milk/cream/butter and chunks of salmon, with a breadcrumb topping. Okay, I failed. My potatoes were undercooked and the breadcrumbs overcooked. But the salmon rocked our world. It looks like the onions and potatoes insulated the salmon in such a way to make it just melt in the mouth with creamy, salmon-y goodness. A pass/fail dish, lol.
But Christian’s parfait made with heavy cream, crushed cookies mixed with raspberry juice, raspberry jam and layered, WON big time. I will get the recipe and post it. It BLEW away my old favorite, Starbuck’s Lemon Berry Parfait, by a wide margin. God, I love a husband who knows all the right moves in the …. kitchen.


2 responses to “Culinary Travel Part IV: Finland

  1. that parfait looks yummy, so PLEASE post the recipe 🙂

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