When it showers, it pours!!!

It may be a few days until I’m back in the blog saddle fully and consistently, but this marks the beginning of CRUNCH time in preparation for Hannah’s birth. Yesterday was my shower, and it was a DOWNPOUR! That’s a good thing, by the way. Everyone came, the weather cooperated, the food was great, the memories shared were priceless, and Hannah is going to be one well-diapered, well-dressed, intellectually stimulated little girl! The party took about 4 hours… and the unpacking the Jeep after the party took about the same amount of time!
It was the time of my life, and I wanted to share some special moments…


4 responses to “When it showers, it pours!!!

  1. thanks for sharing this. glad you had a wonderful time. love your moms artwork!

    • Thank you, Jana! Wow, I’m swimming in gift boxes, thank you cards, diapers and baby wipes, lol! I am very happy about my mom’s art, too. She drew that with charcoal when I was about 2 (it’s me). I’m surrounded by mobile elephants and the words say “Child’s World.” It really was a special gift to see that again (it had been at my aunt and uncle’s house, forgotten in storage, for almost 40 years!!

  2. WOW, that really is a special gift then !!! it is always nice if there is something from our own childhood that keeps memories alive. a lot of my toys were still in good shape when i had my own kids so they could play with it. and i had a lot of my daughters toys shipped over here for the grandbabies.

    • Another friend of the family sent a package from Bergdorf Goodman today… a baby outfit that I’d be AFRAID to have Hannah dribble on! Lol. It will definitely be saved for one GRAND occasion. But in reality, it’s the simple little toys and old treasures that are just so meaningful to us… I love to think of the history of each pre-owned toy…

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