8 Weeks To Go! (More or Less????)

Today I reached 32 weeks…. 32 loooooonnnnnnnggggg but yet short weeks! That means 8 weeks to go, IF I have the by-the-book by-the-due-date birth. But how often does that happen? As long as Hannah is born AFTER Christian returns from Germany (he leaves Thanksgiving Day and returns Dec. 8), I’m happy.
My nesting obsession continues, along with my frenzied shopping for holiday gifts, decorations and goodies. I can’t walk through a Christmas decoration aisle without getting something. Anything. Thank god I do most of my shopping for daily household items at the Dollar Tree, or I’d be getting a serious talking-to from my husband and the bill collectors.
Since my shower is Saturday, I didn’t feel right not doing ANYTHING to help out, even though I’ve just been asked to “show up!” Soooo, I bought some cute favors and spent the better part of yesterday afternoon getting those little cuties together. NOT something I’d ever even consider doing in my past life (pretty much anything pre-2007 I call my Past Life… no, I’m not Shirley McLaine).
Cooking, sleeping, eating, shopping, power-walking, doc visits, eating, sleeping, cooking, eating, shopping… yep, I think that pretty much sums up my daily existence the last few weeks. I am pretty sure in the very near future that will read: sleeping, eating, doc visits, sleeping, eating…. a definite winding down is happening, and I guess I’ll go along with it! For instance, I used to scoff at those who say they got their daily exercise by walking 20 minutes a day. HA! I would barely consider 20 minutes a cool-down, much less a workout. Well, I bite my tongue, since that’s just about all I could accomplish today. If I hadn’t had to pee every block, I just might have made 30 minutes…barely.
Poor Christian had to work 12 hours yesterday, and didn’t get off until 8 p.m. last night, so I made something simple, fast, hearty and full of sleep-inducing carbs: pasta and a colorful cabbage salad. I guess it also had a little to do with the fact that the cubbard is becoming barer and barer, with grocery day being Sunday. We’re down to pasta, rice, canned black beans, lots of heads of cabbage, Monterrey Jack cheese, a few eggs and tons of apples (which Christian hates). If YOU can come up with a recipe (edible, please) that incorporates those items, I will be most grateful!
Tonight, however, it’s RUDY’S BBQ… we’ve not had our fix of messy, greasy, yummy barbeque in a few weeks, and it’s time to get this poor, waddling mamma to be out of the kitchen, barefoot and pregnant 😉


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