Salsa supper

Lately, it’s been all meat, meat, meat for our meals and, although I ADORE meat in a multitude of forms, every so often my body just CRAVES a plateful of colorful veggies as dinner’s star player. Last night the stars aligned and BOTH of us were just craving veggies.
Christian made his Arabic Salad, which is almost like a Mexican Pico De Gallo, without the incendiary jalapeno or habanero. It’s a salsa that goes great with meat, by the way, but is also just incredible on its own, served with soft pita, as we had it last night.

Here’s the ingredients:

Diced tomato
Diced cucumber
Diced onion
dried mint
lemon juice
olive oil

Mix it all up like you would a Pico De Gallo, let it “rest” in the fridge for a few hours, and serve with just about anything your heart desires. Speaking of Pico De Gallo… I was needing a bit of a hot fix, so we ALSO started with a few chips and some store bought Pico. Damn, the local stuff is HOT. I don’t know if it’s pregnancy or age, but I just don’t have that tolerance for the hot stuff as much as I used to. And to think I used to show off by eating habaneros whole, lol.
Also, since I’m pregnant, I DID need some protein to go with my salsa meal, so I steamed up some veggies (cabbage, zucchini and carrots), and melted chunks of Emmentaler cheese on top. Voila. Protein even P.E.T.A. might not shake its fists at 😉


2 responses to “Salsa supper

  1. have to try that arabic salad and i already know i”ll like it !!!!!! and, GREAT pics, you’re getting good at that !!!!!!!!!!!

    • Heee heee! Not getting better, but we got a better camera! My old Olympus is hanging on for dear life. The thing just won’t die! But our new Casio is a dream camera! It does all the work for me. I’d be a better “food stylist” if I didn’t feel so rushed taking photos, lol. I always feel guilty if I have Christian sit there and wait while I snap our meals…

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