Orchids AND Schweinebraten? The perfect day.

Our little indoor garten at our apartment...

Yesterday I must have won some karmic lotto, because it was simply the greatest day. First of all, it was Friday, which honestly used to mean more to me when I was working full time, pre-pregnancy but it was still Friday; secondly, I felt physically great, and walked a great walk early in the morning; thirdly, met a great friend for coffee mid-morning…a friend who really knows how to get me going spiritually and emotionally; I found some amazing finds at the Jerusalem Grocery Store, an Arabic/International grocery store which ALSO sells GERMAN products!! Kinder Bueno, Jacobs coffee, Maggi spice mix, anyone?? I also got a variety of Arabic teas, soaps, soft drinks and pickled veggies there, too.
I made lunch and took it to Christian at his place of work, and we enjoyed a wonderful picnic meal outside in the gorgeous sunny-but-cool autumn El Paso weather; we spent a lovely and lazy afternoon cuddling and laughing when he returned from work; I had a great nap…
Orchids from Christian...for no special reason!But I really, really wasn’t expecting to wake up to a gift from Christian waiting for me… my favorite orchids sitting for me at my computer table (by the way, the photo shows our high chair for Hannah, NOT my computer table, lol), with a note that simply said thanks for all the little things I do… they’re not taken for granted… AND the smell of schweinebraten, sauerkraut and semmelknodeln cooking in the little kitchen. Man, was I still asleep????
The best tasting dinner to end the best-ever day.
It isn’t often I have a day I can look back on and say, “Yeah, that was a perfect day in every way.” This was one of them.

Do you remember your last “perfect day?” Tell me about it! What made it so special for you?


2 responses to “Orchids AND Schweinebraten? The perfect day.

  1. I work from home, so during the week I am also doing all the cooking, shopping, take care of all the pets, the garden, cleaning, laundry etc. My husband never takes it for granted. He surprises me with flowers, books, CDs, my favorite chocolate and lots of other things to make me feel special and appreciated. This is something really important. It makes it easier to do all these things (even if you don’t like doing it), lol
    And on weekends we treat us both special: means: breakfast in bed, going out for dinner, BBQ, movie-nights etc. And if we just don’t feel like going out, HE cooks. We try to make it THE perfect day and most time we succeed.
    Oh, your little indoor-garden is just BEAUTIFUL !!!!!!!!!!

    • Oh, what a great husband, and it sounds soooo nice all the time! You’re right.. it does make the mundane chores much more pleasant. Christian is cooking right now. Or rather, he’s making an Arabic salad, sort of like a Mexican Pico De Gallo, to be served with pita bread. He is on a diet, lol. I am supplementing the dinner with some veggies gratin (he can’t have cheese this week…he’s testing for allergies). I had a chocolate mint parfait at Barnes and Noble’s Starbucks cafe today, but I think I’ll go for another dessert after dinner. Why? Because I MUST! I have mini Halloween cupcakes that MUST be eaten before they go bad. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it…

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