Mom dieu!

Today I had lunch with mom at a place I’ve passed by countless times but never had the time to try out. It’s Pot au Feu downtown, right next door to the old Gardner Hotel (now a travel hostel). I had NO IDEA! This place is a gem and now that I’ve said that, it’ll probably start serving Mexican combo plates and menudo or close down fairly soon. Lol. Sorry about the cynicism, but it just seems that every new restaurant that is too good to be true in El Paso… IS.
I wasn’t dressed the part. I was thinking mom and I would head on over to Quizno’s for a quick bite to eat while I was taking a break from helping dad out at the office this week, but mom wanted to try it out, and she was DECIDEDLY dressed for the part in a very chic all-black outfit, heels and a black beret.
Wanting desperately to try the duck and pistachio terrine, I passed because I wasn’t quite sure if that is okay for someone preggers like me. SO I played the “martyr” and went for the vegetarian sandwich and garden salad. Just what the doctor ordered, and what I’LL be ordering again, very soon! It was grilled zucchini and eggplant served in toasted naan bread spread with hummus and roasted tomatoes. God, I want that recipe! Mom chose the duck breast with soba noodles on the side, and the duck was awesome. If you like lots of fat. I do.
We shared a scoop of a butter toffee ice cream for dessert, and I waddled back to the office a very, very happy and cautiously optimistic girl. PLEASE DON’T LET POT AU FEU CLOSE!!!!!
Verdict? HIGHLY recommended. Forget the Mexican food for ONE DAY, El Pasoans.


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