A lesson in metrics… and other musings

So, Christian and I went to my 30 week prenatal exam yesterday, and I found out I passed my glucose test just fine, my weight has stayed about the same since the last visit, and my blood pressure is good. Then the doc did the ultrasound (he has done one every single visit, so we already have a nice scrapbook of photos of Hannah and she’s not even made her debut yet!), and he matter-of-factly stated, “Well, she’s about 2.2 kilograms now.”
It didn’t hit me because I was thinking in pounds, as most Americans tend to do. My German husband, on the other hand, exclaimed, “2.2 KILOGRAMS? WOW!” Then I realized. Duh. Okay, there’s the part in school I glazed over while passing notes to my friends. 2.2 kilograms translates to 4.8 POUNDS! And we’re talking just at 30 weeks!!!! Our little Hannah isn’t so little! Um, can I have that birth directive back where I stated (and signed) that I want no epidural and a natural birth?? Lol.
I am so glad she’s growing so well, and I was so worried she’d be small or behind of schedule. Nope. She may be impatient like me. God forbid.


Last night was another leftover night, but leftovers we love! Irish stew, cucumber salad, and cheddar crisps with Dubliner Cheese spread. And of COURSE I had to have dessert…cherry cake with a bit of whipped cream. Cowboy the Apartment Complex cat, joined us, and it appears he’s getting extremely comfortable hanging out in our apartment. It’s getting harder to kick him out to go to his next “victim.” But we’re not complaining 😉


One response to “A lesson in metrics… and other musings

  1. don’t worry, i think you are fine with Hannahs weight. my granddaughter was born with 6 pounds 4oz, and all my kids were around 2.8 kg/3. something kg when they were born. it wasn’t that bad!

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