… And mamma’s out of the kitchen

Yesterday I hit 30 weeks! That means I am now in my eighth month and I can’t for the life of me figure out how I got here so fast! I’m supposed to be doing twice-daily kick counts (at least 10 kicks in an hour’s time when I measure) but I really don’t have to devote a particular time to it, since Hannah’s making it very clear she’s a kicker at almost all hours of the day. Or is she a puncher? I don’t quite know which limbs are making their presence so well known, but she’s definitely got it in her.
It’s definitely getting to be full-fledged nesting time for me. I’m collecting recipes, photos, Christmas decorations and old letters, getting my life as organized as Amanda Kemp Waldmannstetter’s life will ever get organized. I’m cleaning like crazy and almost to the point of being a little OCD about it. And I’m beginning to wind down a bit, meaning no more hour long power walks. I’m quite happy walking the dogs for 30 minutes… at their pace (i.e. Stopping every other block to pee…but I go back into the house for that, by the way). I ordered an advent calendar for our apartment, a cute Playmobil “Forest” one, which I can’t wait to start opening. I’m still looking for an affordable German one from Milka or Ferrero, one with little chocolates in each “window,” and hoping I’ll score one at the German Community Center’s Christmas Bazaar in early December. Now I’m looking for a nice advent wreath to complete (other than the tree of course) our little apartment German Christmas. We’ll celebrate German style on Dec. 24 and American style on Dec. 25, so we’ll get the best of both. I also ordered Christmas stollen, Santa chocolates and a brotzeiteller set for us for Christmas. Early on, I know, but those things tend to sell out on Germandeli.com MONTHS ahead of time, so I played it safe. If the stollen lasts until the holidays will be the true miracle.

Last night Christian made his mother’s recipe of Blumenkohlauflauf, which is basically a gratin of cauliflower. If you do not like cauliflower (I adore it in every incarnation), you’ll like this. And if you like butter, cheese and ham, then all the better! I had this once at his home in Rohr, made by his mom, but I must say his is up there, even if it was his first time making it.
Here’s the recipe. Leaving it as is, just as she emailed it. She left out the ham, and Christian added it. It would be great for a vegetarian entree, especially on cold nights. And it’s easy on the wallet. Serve it with a simple salad and rice (and ketchup!) for a hearty and heart-warming dinner.

Straight via e-mail from Mama Waldmannstetter:

hier endlich das rezept für den blumenkohlauflauf

2 stück blumenkohl je nach größe
40 g butter
60 g mehl
1/2 l gemüsebrühe
1/4 l milch
3 – 4 eier getrennt
salz, tewas muskat
reichlich geriebener käse

zum backen: 20 g butter 2 – 3 eßl. semmelbrösel

blumenkohl waschen, putzen, in röschen teilen, in wenig salzwasser nicht ganz weich kochen.
helle einbrenne herstellen, mit blumenkohlsud und milch aufgießen, 5-10 min. leise kochen lassen, mit
eigelb legieren,geriebenen käse und etwas mskat untermengen, abschmecken, steifen eischnee unter
ziehen;blumenkohlröschen in gefettete auflaufform legen, auflaufmasse darübergeben, mit semmelbröseln bestreuen, mit butterflocken belegen, in vorgeheizter röhre bei mittelhitze backen. garzeit etwa 30 min.

wenn du das eigelb in der soße verquirlt hast, nicht mehr kochen lassen.

gutes gelingen mama


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