You can take the girl out of Germany…

Mom checks out the plethora of pastries at International Deli

… but you definitely can’t take Germany out of the girl. Although I can’t join my husband on his two-week trip to Germany later in November, I’m determined to continue my quest to find or replicate as many German traditions and customs as possible, even here on the Mexican border. Unfortunately, most of the German restaurants (er, ALL of them), bakeries and the German Community Center are on the opposite side of town and not easy to get to on a daily or weekly basis, so I have chosen to take refuge at the International Deli, a deli (natch) and bakery not far from where I live. It was once owned by a German couple, but has been sold. Fortunately the new owners realized they had a heavy German clientele, alongside their Middle Eastern (mostly Lebanese) clientele, so with the Hiedelberg Rye bread and the Apfelstrudel one can find Baklava, Feta/Spinach croissants and just about everything in between. Their pastry rack and breads are plentiful and varied…. perhaps not as authentic as Marina’s German Bakery on the other side of town, but decent if you realllllllyyyyyy are jonezing for some fairly authentic Kaffee und Kuchen, as my mom and I were yesterday.
I’d already eaten lunch with my husband, so I opted for dessert while my mom had the bratwurst sandwich served with sauerkraut and potato salad (a decidedly AMERICAN potato salad, i.e, yellow mustard, pickle and mayo mixture), but to her a very good sandwich. She was quite surprised when I told her that no Bavarian would eat sauerkraut the way it is served here, however, straight out of the jar. When I told her it involved a long, slow cooking in lard, she looked horrified, lol.
I had a delicious strawberry shortcake slice of cake and abysmal coffee. What I would do for some Dallmayr or Jacobs, but I’ve bypassed my budget for the month after ordering two Stollen cakes, Milka chocolates and a Bavarian Christmas Songs CD.
At least I got a little taste of Bavaria yesterday, enjoying Kaffee und Kuchen with my lovely mom, letting the world of frenzy, road rage and rushing-for-no-reason carry on without us just outside the door.


Obatzda for Americans? Smoked Salmon spread at Famous Dave's

Last night Christian and I met my dad at Famous Dave’s for dinner and, while the barbeque is pretty good, Christian and I couldn’t stop raving about the appetizer… smoked salmon spread. God, does anyone have a recipe for that???? Really, if you ever go to Famous Dave’s, skip the entree, order the smoked salmon spread (comes with good pita) and a salad. Really a better deal and much better!


One response to “You can take the girl out of Germany…

  1. sounds soo good. we’ve got the whole foods market close to where we live, this is where i get my bread and cheese and vegetables, they’ve got a lot of german and european products and, as i am not driving there is a bus connection that leaves you almost in front of the store and last week i discovered a little vegetarian restaurant in that area too, so i guess i am happy for now, lol
    as to the salmon thing, i don’t have a recipe, you could just make a white gravy and mix spinach in, what we are doing is: we cook the salmon on the grill and i make ricotta cheese with spinach, pour that over sliced potatos, cheese on top and bake it and have this as a side dish with the salmon.

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