Little miracles

Yesterday a little miracle happened. I’d been to Albertson’s to grocery shop, drove 10 minutes home, unloaded the groceries, and got in my Jeep to go meet my mom for lunch. I reached into my purse and realized my wallet was missing. Instantly that deep feeling of pure nausea and dread swallowed me because I knew immediately where it was… still in the shopping cart, the one I’d left in the parking lot. I drove like a bat out of hell (but within the speed limit) back up to Albertson’s, and ran to the first employee I came across. No dice. He didn’t know about any wallet. Already I was going through everything I had in my wallet… my original Social Security card, my credit card, my driver’s license, my Medicaid card, my debit card, my WIC card, my Delta frequent fliers card, my AAA card, my Blockbuster video card, my perinatologist appointment card, about $40 in cash, my Sparkasse Bank card… basically everything I need to function in this world!
I ran inside and asked the second employee…. BINGO! “Yeah, we turned one in to customer service.” I wanted to kiss this stranger full on the lips out of sheer gratitude and shock. You see, NOTHING like that ever happens in El Paso. A dropped wallet, even for a minute, is a GONE wallet. Mine was “gone” for about 20 minutes, with everything still inside. I am converted to optimism. Not that I didn’t learn my lesson, though!
That wallet episode was a sign for me in other ways. I’d been having a stressed out day, thinking about a multitude of things at once, grieving the fact that my husband leaves in less than a month for Germany, for two whole weeks, around the time I’m due to give birth (well, three weeks before I’m due, but ouch that’s close), worrying about things I can’t even control… you know, all that hormonal stuff. The little wallet miracle put some things into perspective for me, such as… take things one step at a time, have faith, your family/husband/friends are your life, not your possessions….
You probably see on “Oprah” or “Dr. Phil” or any other new-age self-help guru’s website or books the suggestion to keep a “Gratitude List” on hand to write down each and every thing you are grateful for. I started this blog with a “Foodie Gratitude List” but I really would be interested to hear about what YOU are grateful for today!
I for one am grateful for my health. I am 39 years old, 7 months pregnant, full of energy and vitality… and yet just a few years ago was extremely ill, alone and without a sense of purpose.
Last night was sort of a mish-mash night, with each of us eating leftovers for dinner to make space in the freezer for some new groceries. Christian went with cream of corn soup and a pastrami sandwich, and I had penne pasta with chicken and half of the vegetarian sandwich I’d had at lunch with my mom. This week, however, Christian has promised to make his Schweinebraten, Sauerkraut und Semmelknodeln for me, and I’ve decided on Ireland as our next “destination” dinner for our Culinary Travels weekly event. I’ll try to stray away from the ubiquitous corned beef and cabbage, thankyouverymuch…


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