What’s up, doc?

It’s 2 1/2 months before Hannah is due, but I’m already getting into the harried, hurried multi-tasking mamma mode, but I secretly love it. Yesterday, bright and early, Christian and I went to meet with the doctor who is to be Hannah’s pediatrician. We’d been referred by one of Christian’s co-workers and were, as first-time parents, a bit anxious about the “interview.” We were interviewing HER, yet we felt like we were getting ready to take the SAT. We’d heard she is quite a talker and doesn’t rush you and your baby in and out of the office. As my OB-GYN is quite the opposite (my appointments last about 10 minutes…some women would LOVE that. I just feel like saying, “So when is the real appointment?”), I welcomed this intensive approach and the time she spends answering all (even the stupid) questions. Plus, her office is cool looking (hey, that matters!) and it’s about five blocks from home.
Next, we ran over to Savers because we had about another hour before ANOTHER doctor’s appointment, this one for Christian. Okay, I’ve been to Savers about 3-4 times, and I figured “Ah, a Monday is the time to go. Kids are in school and it’s so early in the day. Should be nice and quiet.” Is there something I don’t know? The place was PACKED. And I mean I haven’t seen such a frenzy of humanity since that ONE time I went to Golden Corral for all-you-can-eat sirloin night.
We’d gone to get Christian some sweaters and pants for his upcoming trip home to Bavaria, but instead he left with ONE pair of cords and I left with: two throw pillows, one pair of red jeans, a basket, sweater AND a bassinet for Hannah! This was the ultimate score. A worker had just brought it out of the back, and I saw her doing so. I didn’t even know if I wanted that bassinet or if it was even cute or in good shape. It was a big-ticket bassinet!! Rather than look desperate or rushed to go grab it, I sauntered over to the worker and asked her if I could take a look at it, quietly, as to not attract the attention of other thrifty parents-to-be who were oogling the baby tubs (no thanks, I’ll buy mine new), high chairs (missing pieces) and umbrella strollers (I wouldn’t even feel safe putting a cantaloupe in one of those). She handed it over to me, I thoroughly inspected it, got stares and jealous, longing glances from other shoppers, and was on my way!

The bassinet and the wood dresser Christian assembled for Hannah

The bassinet needs a little tidying and cleaning, but it’s all there, darling, and now sits in our bedroom, in the “nursery corner,” right at the foot of the bed. It really is such a comfort to see, even this early on!
After the Savers safari, we went over to the dentist for Christian. It was his first visit to an American dentist, and he was pleasantly surprised at the very casual relationship and conversational approach doctors have here in the U.S., as opposed to Germany. I like that too, the putting the patient at ease, but I also like the very formal, very direct and clinical approach in Germany, where you FEEL like you’re dealing with someone who lives, eats and breathes their work. Tough call for me.


Last night I made “(Sorta) Sloppy Joes,” a meat mixture that looked like a sloppy joe but definitely had a foreign twist to it. I mixed about half a pound of ground beef with two eggs, a cup of oatmeal, about 5 ounces of Muenster cheese in cubes, half a diced onion, salt, curry powder, a cup of nonfat yogurt, chile flakes, and about half a tube of tomato paste. Mixed it up all together, fried it in a cast iron pan, and served it on top of toasted chile cheese bread.
Served this alongside a mound of paprika oven fries and a green salad. Awesome dinner, although I think I’m safe with my iron levels for a while and would LOVE to find a good salmon recipe. Any ideas? That’s what is on the dinner agenda tonight.
Christian’s mom made a wonderful salmon recipe with a spinach cream sauce, and I would love to make that for Christian this week. I don’t think it was a strictly Bavarian dish, but I know Maggi made a mix for it. Anyone familiar with what I’m talking about?


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