Let the countdown begin

These days I’m much busier now NOT working than I was working. It’s all about preparing for Hannah’s arrival now. No dilly-dallying or procrastination allowed now. It sort of hit home for me yesterday, when I went to the hospital to pre-register. In line at the admissions/registration desk with me was a former co-worker, who I assumed was there to take photos for a story, since he is a photographer at a local newspaper. Nope. Instead he proudly showed me pictures of his newborn son, a cutie, who was born at 28 weeks!!! God, I’ve already PASSED 28 weeks! The reality kicked in (and so did Hannah) quite quickly, when I realized it truly could happen at any time. Now, I want her to bake in the “oven” a bit longer than that, but the truth is, she’s definitely viable and due dates are just estimates. I’ll be resting up a LOT more, not stubbornly carrying those grocery bags, and running quickly away from stress from here on out!
Speaking of stress, that’s one thing I’m great at. I can stress, obsess, and agonize over a spill in the kitchen. But lately? For some very weird reason I’ve been really in a good place, not letting much of anything, including El Paso drivers, bad service, misspellings of our last name on Very Important Announcements or Christian’s upcoming departure for a 2-week visit to Germany get me down low. Instead I’m finding myself eerily optimistic, jovial, flexible and humorous. WOW! The hormones that caused me to cry if I got a strange look from a stranger on the freeway are now making me feel like Earth Mother. I like!
So I got the pre-registration done (a snap, although it was disconcerting that the woman who worked with me didn’t know anything about birth plans or directives nor the word “amniocentesis.”). After that, I went over to my dad’s house where I walked my two dogs for a very pleasant 20 minutes. Then I made lunch for Christian and myself and picked him up from my dad’s office to join me. It really looks like my days of large, spicy and hearty meals are truly at an end until the birth. I find myself getting stuffed after about 5 bites of just about anything, so I’m going to try the grazing method of eating, even though it doesn’t quite jibe with the meals I eat with Christian.

Pho left over from last night

I had leftover pho soup for lunch while he had peanut butter and plum jam sandwiches and a cucumber salad. I wanted to eat the pb&j sandies as well, but my tummy only allowed for soup at that time. It seems that every time I get ready to eat, Hannah moves in a way that completely shuts entry to my stomach and forces me to contort my body in a way that makes me look like I’m wearing a full body cast! I can’t bend my spine at all, but instead must bend straight from the waist toward the table to take a bite. Fun to watch.
After lunch we went to two separate campuses of El Paso Community College to run work errands with Christian, and then home for a much deserved nap that took me way into the evening hours. I optimistically made rigatoni, salad and baguette, but managed one kiddie size bowl of the pasta instead of the usual 2 or 3 large bowls.

Mushroom/basil/cheese rigatoni, corn/carrot/jalapeno salad, baguette

Normally I’d be grateful I COULDN’T scarf down the food because it meant a sad scale reading the next day, but in this case, I was so BUMMED I couldn’t get more inside me! I made up for the calorie deficit later at Starbucks with an almond muffin and a large decaf latte (oh, I mean Venti! Sorry, Starbucks 😉
Today we’ll move out some furniture that we don’t NEED (but really really wish we had room for!) and put it in storage at dad’s. Then Christian will assemble Hannah’s dresser. We’ve got a crib ad a bouncer on our registry list, hoping that registry is found with our misspelled last name, but if we don’t get those items, we’ll get one of those Moses baskets to keep near our bed for Hannah to sleep in for the first few months.
Tonight we’ll put together a picnic and head on over to the Chamizal National Memorial, where we’ll attend the last concert of the El Paso Chopin Festival. And tomorrow night we begin a series of “Things to Do Together,” which we devised a week or so ago. Once a week we’ll pick a country, cook food from that country, listen to that country’s music, read a short story from that country, and then watch a movie from that country. This weekend it’s down to the Middle East, but we haven’t nailed a particular country yet. We’re also going to a Yoga class together on Sunday. No word on whether it allows prenatal clients, but I guess I’ll find out soon enough.
It’s early Saturday morning, Christian’s still asleep, and soon he’ll wake and we’ll Skype with his family in Rohr, Bavaria. I’ll then walk for 30 minutes by the neighborhood lake, and we’ll start getting the apartment in stark shape for Hannah. I’m feeling great and sooooo content.

Cowboy the Complex Cat

I’ve got the apartment complex cat, Cowboy, here on my lap (can cats sense pregnancy?) and I’m drinking a soothing Chai tea. It’s going to be a fabulous day…


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