What’s healthy to YOU?

Being pregnant, I get my share of advice … solicited or not. With merit or not. Good. Bad. Obvious. Outrageous. Clueless. You name it. One thing I get advice about on at least a daily basis is what to eat and what not to eat. If I did just exactly what my mom admonishes me to (not) do, I’d waste away! “No caffeine! No sugar! No fatty meat! No tea! No coffee! No cake! No fish!” You know the drill. It seems that women in my mom’s generation were given the choice of soup, crackers, milk and that’s just about it. Now, the current books and blogs say to eat tons of this and that, none of this or that, blah blah blah.
What’s right? I like to feel like I am eating well and healthily. Okay, my penchant for something sweet to end every meal has yet to be curbed, but I have a fruit or veggie with every single meal, I work out (power walk and light weights) at least 30 minutes most days, I don’t drink alcohol or take anything other than my prenatal vitamin….
Moms out there, especially German moms (I am really so curious to see what cultural norms for pregnancy are in Germany!)… what kind of foods did you crave and indulge in in pregnancy? What foods did you avoid or rule out altogether?
On that note, here’s my meals last night and today for lunch…

Bacon-wrapped sausage, green chile cheese bread and a green salad for dinner 10.18.10

A picnic lunch with my husband...butternut/ginger soup,green salad and an almond poppyseed muffin


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