Lowlands, but not low

We’re back from Cloudcroft. Man, it was hard saying “goodbye” (and yes, I do in fact say “Goodbye, cabin”) to the cabin, to our favorite haunts, to our private hiking trails, to the memories… until next year. We’ve decided not to try to go back up again this year just simply because things are going to be busy from here on out and I am getting closer to my due date. Last thing I’d want is to be air-lifted to the nearest hospital!
But we have made some awesome memories this past summer and some phenomenal photo opportunities! We may be back in the lowlands, but we’re most definitely on a rocky mountain high.
I leave you with photos from yesterday and it’s back to the blog tomorrow!
Here’s last night’s dinner:

Raw veggies for the homemade pasta sauce

Christian's homemade veggie pasta sauce

Dinner cabin style

The great outdoors:

The Lodge at Cloudcroft's Golf Course

Cabin fever:

The living area of the Kemp Kottage


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