No news is good news

I don’t know about you, but when on vacation, my family sticks to one rule: NO CONTACT, NO MATTER WHAT. It is our experience that ANY contact whatsoever when a family member is on vacation can only mean one thing…bad news. And that is why I refuse to keep my cell phone on or check my public emails until I am done with my vacation. I do devote one time a day to check my voice mail, but unless it’s a message of virtual armageddon, no calls are returned.
I also do not watch TV or read the newspaper while on vacation in Cloudcroft (I do when traveling to other countries or cities I’m unfamiliar with just to get a feel for the place). I prefer to really dive in to the community and people watch/eavesdrop on coffee house conversations to get my news 😉 Here in Cloudcroft I’m sure, if I sit in the coffee house long enough, I’ll know who’s seeing who, who’s divorcing who, who just lost a job, who just gained a job, who makes the best King Ranch Casserole, etc… and that’s all I want to hear while on vacation! And I’m a former newspaper managing editor. I used to EAT, SLEEP and BREATHE news. Now the news can come find me, not the other way around.
I did commit the cardinal sin of calling my dad back when he left a voice mail yesterday, simply because he’s almost impossible to reach and this was my chance. Sure enough it was not-so-good news which was extremely frustrating and unpleasant. And there was nothing I could do about it, being 150 miles from home. I did cry for a little bit, I admit, but then I realized just how futile the crying was, how I had to just let go of the situation and realize the world doesn’t revolve around me fretting about something I couldn’t do anything about. Long story short? I got over myself, realized I can do something about the problem LATER and it won’t escalate, AND I can continue enjoying this LOVELY fall weekend up in Cloudcroft with my precious hubby and baby to be.
We had a great time yesterday, with lots of hiking and photo taking, grilling, games and a quick drive down to Alamogordo to go see “The Social Network.” Great movie, by the way. Too bad the ticket taker insisted our movie was in one theatre and it was really in another. We sat through 25 minutes of previews before a Bruce Willis movie started, and Christian and I looked over at each other and realized we were in the wrong room. So we missed the first scene of our movie, but it was great nevertheless.
Christian and I shared the duty of cooking din-din last night, a simple and inexpensive dinner of store-bought jalapeno cheddar sausage wrapped in bacon, Kartoffelsalat, a green salad and panini-grilled ciabatta bread. Followed by a game of domino’s, it was the perfect Cloudcroft evening.
I’m really going to miss these weekends alone with Christian, off the grid, in the middle of nature, without any cares in the world other than where to hike, what to grill and who controls the thermostat. This is it. This is the time the frenzy starts and reality begins. Our Cloudcroft days are done until mid spring of next year, but we have a season of memories in our heart pockets. But now the memories to be created are on the way!!! Hannah is growing like a weed, and it’s less than three months before we get to see our miracle baby.

Question: Do you ever go “off the grid” and have a low-tech or no-tech vacation or long weekend?


2 responses to “No news is good news

  1. we just had a low-tech-long-weekend, with my daughter coming over here from germany and we were just having a good time, went to the beach, having bbq in the evening, sitting in the yard with candlelight, sleeping in the next morning and just being happy. i only wish my son would have been able to made it over here, too.

    • That sounds marvelous! I’m trying to readjust to “reality,” again, but getting along, lol. I do hope your son is able to come soon, Jana! Have a great evening. Oh, well, I think by now you might be asleep. We’re on Mountain Time. But it’s my bed time actually now. I can’t seem to stay up past 10 p.m. these days!

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