A Pfann letter…

Here I am yesterday, at 27 weeks, 5 days, wearing the LAST pair of jeans I can actually button!

I’ve posted a recipe for Pfannkuchen before on this blog, but judging from the amount of hits I get for the recipe and all things related to that and Apfelstrudel, I will go ahead and post the recipe again, since that is what Christian made for dinner last night and I finally got some decent pictures of the luscious pancakes!
I request Pfannkuchen probably about once a week but it seems we’re always out of some element, be it flour, eggs, whole milk or the necessary jam to fill the pancakes. But last night I made SURE we had all of the above and besides, Hannah and I were in dire need of something light and sweet after a week of outdoor grilling, meats, cheeses and hot spices. Dear Christian obliged and even made extra pancakes to make pancake soup tonight. Probably the easiest recipe on the planet, once you have the pancakes. Even I can make that. (http://www.letscookgerman.com/starters-and-soups/pancake-soup-fladlesuppe.html)

And here’s the recipe that I trust will be used MUCH more often for us in the coming colder months, when my tummy needs something a bit more bland than habaneros and jalapenos, I get my sweet fix AND it’s not going to cause me to reach for the Tums five times a night…

3 eggs
1 c. flour
1 c. milk
1/2 tsp. vanilla (optional)
A dash of salt
Pour a small amount onto hot skillet, pick up skillet and turn to spread batter. Cook to barely brown and turn. Serve with jam, rolled up like a burrito, with sprinkled confectioner’s sugar on top if desired. Typically served for dinner in Bavaria, not as a dessert like in the States.


Yesterday I met Christian at his place of work to treat him to an outdoor lunch. The weather was fantastic and I’d yet to see him at work at his library. I myself felt a little like I was playing hooky, even though I’ve not been working for more than a month now. I still feel like I’m “sneaking around” during the day, so I’ve really been focusing on having a full schedule, busy days and no moping around the house. After I brought lunch to Christian (leftover curried chicken, rice and veggies for me, plus a Sharon fruit for dessert (what a good girl am I); and a ham/cheese wrap and leftover potato salad for Christian; I went to Bed, Bath and Beyond to pick up a curio (shadow) box for Christian’s ever increasing Homies and SpongeBob figurines. They were beginning to take over the kitchen “bar area” space, and I knew it was time to relegate them to a safe spot on the wall. Homies and SpongeBob figurines were never quite my thing, but once Christian started collecting them and getting so excited about getting a new and unique one when he put his 50 cents in the machines, I did too, and now I must say they’re a fun addition to our apartment decor, lol. And I guess with Hannah, I’d better get used to the notion of SpongeBob and/or (fill in the blank with this week’s flavor of cartoon character) filling up the house.
I found the closest thing possible… a jewelry holder. Does NO ONE carry curio boxes anymore? Not even Hobby Lobby did, and they are SUPPOSED to carry miniature-collectible boxes, no??? Uggh. Well, I made do and nailed the jewelry holder to the wall, and it works just fine. I am just praying Hannah doesn’t go for collecting Homies, lol. I wonder, wonder, wonder what she’ll go for. Me? I loved, and still love, seashells. But I guess Homies are a LOT easier to come by than seashells in El Paso, Texas. If we go back to Bavaria, she’ll be collecting those little toys that come in the chocolate eggs at Easter time (banned here in the states by the FDA, those party poopers)….

What did you collect as a child? Are you still at it?


One response to “A Pfann letter…

  1. when i was a kid i collected them little toys out of kinderueberraschung, and so did my kids. also little unique miniatures and i also made my own out of clay. I still have all those as i still have LOTS of boxes with all kinds of stuff in my moms house. I already have her going through all them boxes and have her shipping lots of them over here for my grandkids.

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