And THIS is why the scale’s ‘broken’…

My baby Chins looks out for my baby Hannah

At the rate that Christian is feeding me (okay, it’s not ALL his fault. Just about 85%), I’ll be tipping those scales at around 40 lbs. gained when I deliver. Or else my scale is broken. Yeah, that’s it! The scale is broken! I can’t go off of a broken scale, and anyway, grilled Wurst, Kartoffelsalat, Brötchen und Kuchen at every meal is HEALTHY! That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.
Yesterday we packed up and headed across town to dad’s, where we are now, housesitting until Monday afternoon.

Christian, the grillmeister

Dad lives in a historic home in Sunset Heights, with a great built-in outdoor grill and patio that screams for daily use, especially in this amazing “shoulder season” weather before it’s too cold and after the incendiary heat of summer. We, of course, were ALL over that yesterday, enjoying the company of my two dogs (they must live with dad since no pets are allowed at our pad). Sorta like two adults playing “house.” 🙂
In the afternoon, we headed down to “Chalk the Block,” an event that showcases chalk art by local artists and students. I was hoping for more art and less churro vendors, but we’re glad we checked it out.
It’s Sunday morning, and we’re sitting here in my dad’s dining room, dogs at our feet, blogging (me) and Skyping (Christian). Today for lunch it’s leftover Kurbissouppe and grilled Bratwurst (both made by Christian) and tonight we’ll try out a vegetarian grill… grilled tomatoes and feta cheese with grilled baguette. Healthy, right? Well, okay, I guess I might just have to do an hour’s walk today. Darn it.


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