I thought I’d never…

There are a few things I thought I’d never do, but pregnancy has changed all of that…

1. I thought I’d never sit at a restaurant with a crying baby at the table next to me, gushing and “goo-goo”-ing and remarking how CUTE the little one is!

2. I thought I’d never want to spend more than an hour at Toys R Us, marveling at all the cool new toys there are, and if they are age-appropriate…

3. I thought I’d never be the proud new owner of a rocking chair…

I was NOT a rocking-chair gal until I realized how comforting it is to me AND Hannah

4. I thought I’d never laugh and think it was funny when I tried on all of my pants and found out NONE of them fit anymore…

5. I thought I’d never be at the point where bending over to tie my shoes involved a very deliberate three-step method.

6. I never thought I’d buy grocery store sushi. EVER. But my sushi cravings have been so intense lately, I gave in and got these for dinner last night (all of the fish, er, surimi, is cooked, y’all).

...Okay, it's store-bought, but it got my jonezing for sushi under control

7. I never thought I’d gain 20 pounds in 6 months… and feel so attractive! Eh????

8. I thought I’d never know what onesies or Bella Bands or Boppy Pillows were…or the difference between a play yard, a bassinet or a crib were, or what exactly constitutes a layette…

9. I never thought I’d ever MAKE ROOM for a 7-10 pound baby, not only in my tummy (which really just astounds me), but actually giving her more space in my closet than I have…

10. I thought I’d never WANT to give up an entire Saturday to learn about how to swaddle, episiotomies, epidurals and nipple preparation…

11. I thought I’d never be as happy, content, excited, scared, anxious, thrilled, serene and fulfilled as I am right now.


4 responses to “I thought I’d never…

  1. Welcome to motherhood! There is nothing like it… and I mean that in all the good ways – and the bad 🙂

  2. Barbi just said it all ! Nothing like having children !!!! And: I like your rocking chair.

    • Thank you, Jana! I must say I am really loving the rocking chair very much already. It will be used constantly… and I’m talking about BEFORE Hannah is born, ha ha! Very nice work done on the “laundry room,” by the way!

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