Only in Cloudcroft…

There are some things I will only do in Cloudcroft. Things like get excited about an art fair that has the same old “art” every year just because it’s a fair and who doesn’t love fairs, right? Or reading from front to back the local “news” paper, which comes out monthly and focuses on what Velma and Mabel served for lunch at the 4-H meeting. Or wearing the same thing every day for four days straight — in public.

Spanish style Rice a Roni...Risotto for the Rambler RV crowd

Or… eating Moon Pies and Rice a Roni. I did all of the above on this most recent visit to Cloudcroft, and I did it with pride and a sense of nostalgia!
We’re heading on back to El Paso in a few hours, but here’s a sampling of our last whole day here, visiting the art fair (where I must say I DEFINITELY wanted the rocking chair being sold there. Perfect for nursing Hannah and just so modern and cool.

If you know who makes these, send them my way!

The winner (but out of our budget) at the fair, by a LONG shot. Grilling pork and zucchini on the porch at the cabin, and serving that with SO WHITE TRASH Rice a Roni and Moon Pies (I would NEVER be caught dead eating that stuff anywhere else). Walking around the Lodge at Cloudcroft and admiring its architecture, albeit getting in need of a fixer-upper.

The Lodge at Cloudcroft's tower, where Rebecca the Ghost still wails late at night.,,

Napping all afternoon. Eating. Napping. Reading. Eating. Napping. Reading. Eating…
Didn’t get the gorgeous rocking chair, but I DID get, from our neighbor who has a cabin next door, an old-fashioned, very retro high chair for Hannah, which I LOVE. May not be #1 on the safety list, nor is it “cushy” or “girly,” but I just adore how old fashioned it is, and how simple.
We won’t be coming up for a while, and the pangs of sadness have begun. But Christian and I had our babymoon and we’re on Cloud 9 in Cloudcroft.
See you back in the flatlands and in shorts and flipflops…


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