Slice of life (and carrot cake)

This has just been the first day of our long weekend up here in Cloudcroft, and it has been like a dream babymoon with Christian. Baby books suggest a final “hoorah” before a couple’s alone time is forever altered, and this is ours. And what better way to spend that time than alone, up at a secluded cabin in the mountains, surrounded by no hi-tech distractions? It’s all about nature and nesting up here, and I’d have it no other way.
I woke up late today…6 a.m. That is late for me, by the way. I mean, it was already getting light outside. Egads! What happened??? Lol. I’m normally getting up at 4, so it was a sleep-in. After making some hot tea and reading a bit, I made my “breakfast of champions,” which was basically a bowl of oatmeal mixed with raisin bran, topped with chopped apple and cinnamon with milk. It totally prepped me for a brisk morning walk along the deserted dirt roads around my cabin.
After Christian got up and had breakfast, we headed on down to Jamocha Bean to use the Wi-Fi and have Americanos. There I made eye contact with a piece of carrot cake that SCREAMED for me with its bright frosting, chunky carrots and raisins and insane verticality (is that a word?). It wanted me. I wanted it. It was mine, although I DID have the willpower to hold onto it until lunch.
For lunch, a very pathetic one indeed, I had made the horrible mistake of buying mini “French” rolls at a Mexican grocery store. Nothing French about them and they taste like plastic. But that’s all the bread we had on hand. Sooooo, I made myself a jalapeno and turkey sandwich I toasted, and Christian had two sandwiches made of leftover sausages from dinner we had last night, sauerkraut and swiss cheese (here’s last night’s dinner and today’s lunch). Saving grace for me was the gargantuan slice CHUNK of carrot cake waiting for me at the end of the boring meal.
After lunch and before the inevitable slump we tend to have after eating so many carbs, Christian and I took a little hike around Cloudcroft. Although the aspen and maple trees are not yet at their prime, the colors were still gorgeous…
When we got back to the cabin, of course we both just lay down in the goose-down, Ralph Lauren gingham and cabbage rose-printed sheets and napped as only one can nap in Cloudcroft. Deep, two-hour sleep that got us all charged up and ready to conquer the task of grilling out on the porch tonight. It’s Christian’s time to cook, thank god (he’s really looking forward to that after today’s lunch) and it will be roasted pork, Kartoffelsalat und Brötchen. No word on whether or not a second chunk of cake of some kind is waiting for me yet again. Probably yes.


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