Family matters

It was all about family yesterday … bonding with my mother, preparing for the addition to my own little family, learning more German to further bond with my OTHER family (the Waldmannstetter-Rosenmeier family), and spending quality time nurturing the relationship with my husband Christian. A great, great day, hormonal outbursts not included.
The last few days I’ve found it harder and harder to get up at 4 a.m. to go out for my 30 minute walk, and instead I’ve waited until Christian goes to work, or at least until the sun is making its appearance. Some (no, pretty much most) people would say that is the prudent thing to do, but somehow to me I feel I’ve wasted a little bit of the day if I’m not up and at ’em by 5 a.m. I’m beginning to reconsider that notion.
I ended up going for my walk around 7 a.m., and walked by an irrigation ditch to come across a heron wading in the ditch. I haven’t seen a heron (blue) since I lived in Wellfleet, Massachusetts, on Cape Cod. Many birds pass through this area to migrate to Mexico in the winter, and sightings are rare, so that to me boded for a great day. I walked slowly (I have a feeling my arm-pumping, calorie-burning, hips swaying walking days are numbered for a few months), but took in the sights of the early fall morning and the kids going to school (I miss that a little bit!).
After catching up on German lessons and emails, I took a bath and then went to meet mom over at Target. She didn’t quite say she wanted to go all out in baby purchases. I figured she wanted to get me a few onesies and perhaps some teething toys. Nope. She ended up getting me much, much more, to the point where it is obvious our little apartment is going to have to go through some drastic rearranging (it sure isn’t going to get any bigger!) to fit Hannah’s baby gear. I normally am a frugal, overly cautious and a hesitant shopper. What is it about shopping for baby that brings out the baby in all of us? “I WANT. I WANT NOW! I MUST HAVE OR I DIE! NOW! NOW! NOW!” Lol. I felt like I was on a game show and I had to fit as much into the basket as possible by a certain time or I would lose. Certainly buying for Hannah rates up there with the best shopping experience of my entire life.
After a whirlwind tear down the aisles of Target, mom and I then went to The Greenery at Sunland Park mall, a fairly upscale ladies-who-lunch restaurant at the mall. I don’t go there often, mainly due to the fact I am not a big mall person but also because their sandwiches pretty much START at $9. It is good though, and mom offered to pay, so…. I had the portobello sandwich, a smallish sandwich made of great toasted ciabatta bread housing a big, juicy grilled portobello mushroom, grilled onions, a “pesto” sauce of some kind and perhaps an aioli??? It was very good, if not a bit too juicy! Left me with a dribble I thought I wouldn’t be seeing for a few months, but very tasty. Served with an unfortunate potato salad that had absolutely NO taste, even after a liberal dashing of salt and pepper. The house salad served as well was good, with lots of peppery arugula and other baby greens. Mom had some artichoke spinach crepes with bechamel sauce and grilled veggies. We were satisfied, fortified and ready to tackle Savers, where I picked up some more maternity tops, sweaters and black flats for the winter.
Last night, Christian and I went to the Riviera again for dinner, where I ordered the chicken salad and Christian ordered the shredded beef Rivera tacos. It’s always iffy ordering a salad at a Mexican restaurant. Mexican restaurants typically don’t DO salads. The concept is too alien to just serve fresh greens as the main ingredient! But the Riviera did a great job with mine, albeit the portion size pretty much negates the reason you ordered a salad in the first place. At least half a chicken worth of meat on that thing, plus an entire avocado, enough shredded white cheese to flock a tree for Christmas, and the offering of ranch dressing (which I passed… used salsa and vinegar to flavor the salad instead). A winner, and leftovers to boot!
Only snag last night at dinner was the onset of a hormonal breakdown like no other. I just couldn’t stop crying!!! It was one of the best days ever, but I just found everything so sad all of a sudden! The tardy waiter, the wrong “look” from Christian, not yet having tickets to Germany next spring to introduce Hannah to her daddy’s side of the family, money worries, etc. Luckily it passed over, but man, those hormones are killer!
Today is a fresh, new day. Christian will go to my dad’s office to help him out with a database and I’ll go to my dad’s to walk the dogs, study German and do some research. And tomorrow will be our final trip to Cloudcroft before Hannah’s born, so we’re making it a long one. Four day weekend at the cabin, long walks, movies by the fire, grilling, reading, cuddling and planning. I am hoping SO much that the leaves up in Cloudcroft have begun to change colors.
What means “autumn” most to you???


One response to “Family matters

  1. Autumn for me means: slowing down a little, watching nature change, walking in the woods, falling leaves, chestnuts, beautiful colors, cozy evenings snuggled up on the couch, starting to think about christmas. most of that we don’t have here in miami, so i try at least to have the house decorated and get some kind of autumn feeling.
    Have a wonderful weekend in cloudcroft.

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