Growth spurt

The last few days, I suppose Hannah’s been on some massive growth spurt. When I once could feel her flutter down near my hip bones, I’m now feeling both kicks or punches way down low and way up between my ribcage at the same time. And the scale is definitely showing a growth pattern!
As for my appetite. Well, it’s always been big, but now I’m bypassing Christian by a large margin in that department. At least I can be the best at something! I can’t stop eating the last few days, and my energy has been great too. Go figure. I walked 40 minutes yesterday morning and could have gone longer had I not had to get home to wake up Christian.
For lunch yesterday, we finally finished off the vast majority of the leftovers in our freezer. Well, I did at least. Both angel hair pesto AND a good cup and a half of couscous. Oh, and potato salad. Oh, and a piece of berry crumble that I would never eat in public due to its massive size. Luckily Christian understands.
And dinner? I’d like to call it the Flinstones dinner. A turkey drumstick larger than the largest plate we have, served with calabacitas risotto and glazed carrots, with a side of my Arabic salad and the last of Christian’s killer Kartoffelsalat. Okay, to my credit I did NOT gnaw every single bit of meat off of that Neanderthal-portion of bird. I actually only had half. But half of THAT is like eating a pound of brisket in any other form. AND we went to YogoBerry after dinner, where I “restrained myself” and “only” had a small yogurt with mixed fresh berries.
Lol. No scale for me today, tomorrow or the next day. As long as I have Muu-Muus, Bella Bands and Christian’s T-shirts to fit into, I’m all good.
Today is a “date day” with my mom again. In the past, we used to love to go to a cute little Japanese restaurant, Yamato, for sushi and wakame salad. I can’t have my beloved sushi, so we’re doing another seafood option, Red Lobster. And then another trip to Target for some other baby necessities. AND Mom wants to see what all the fuss is about when I say Goodwill and Savers are definitely the way to go for some basic clothes. Oh, and I will introduce her to the magic of the Dollar Tree, too 🙂
Here’s our resident cat, Cowboy, who has become an almost-permanent fixture at our apartment. I LOVE it. He “completes” the apartment for us. We get the petting and loving benefits without the maintenance costs, lol. And he ALWAYS knows that there will, inevitably, be crumbs or some goodies waiting for him at OUR apartment…


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