Losing at the lanes, not at the table…

Yesterday, Christian and I attended a friend’s birthday party at Fiesta Lanes Bowling Alley. Now, I have bowled once before in my life, and I was about 13 years old. I think I cheated then AND I didn’t have a bowling ball growing inside my tummy at the time, lol.

Suffice it to say I SUCK at bowling, as you can see by the scoreboard. But it didn’t put me off trying again sometime in the not so near future.

Loved the theme of the party. “Toy Story.” The birthday boy did NOT celebrate his 13th birthday, but rather his 31st. And I thought it was FANTASTIC! We even got goodie bags filled with “Toy Story” pencils, kalaidoscopes, keychains, Tootsie Rolls and stickers. I think for my next birthday, which is about 2 weeks after Hannah is born, I want a theme birthday party too, just like that (no, not at a bowling alley, more like Chuck E. Cheese and NOT Hannah Montana-themed!) Retro birthday parties are going to be the next IT thing to do, I can see it…
Last night I made chicken legs, and again wanted to use up some ingredients that have been taking up needless space in the fridge and pantry. SO, I poured the entire contents of a can of cream of mushroom soup on top of the legs, placed in a Corningware dish. Added springs of fresh thyme and oregano, placed it in a 400 degree oven for an hour, and voila…. it turned out AMAZING. Christian looked beyond skeptical when I poured the soup on the chicken. I told him it was an “American thing” and it is. Isn’t it? Just pour cream of …………. soup on something, bake it, and there you go, dinner is prepared! Luckily mine turned out and didn’t taste like it came from Luby’s or Cracker Barrel. With that Christian made cabbage salad and potato salad, and we served leftover couscous with it.
I slept sooooo well last night that I got up a few minutes ago and said, “Forget my walk.” I didn’t want to lose this incredible feeling of relaxation I’m feeling right now. I will HAVE to fit the walk in, alas, because I promised myself 30 minutes a day. But for now, I will do as Cowboy our resident cat does. Curl up, purr, and perch out on the patio, waiting for the sunrise.
Another promise I’ve made…. 30 minutes of German lessons PER DAY, every day, on Rosetta Stone. It crushes me when we Skype with Christian’s family each weekend, and all I can do is smile and say, “Wie get’s,” or “danke” or “Alle ist güt.” UGGHHH. I want to be able to just have it roll off my tongue, so desperately!
Please encourage me!!!!


2 responses to “Losing at the lanes, not at the table…

  1. my husband is having a hard time too, learning german, we’ve got rosetta stone as well and he is a little bit frustrated with that program. the easiest thing is: just start talking german around the house. we usually do it during our dinner conversation, that way you can practice easy tasks like: reich mir mal das salz, die wasserflasche, das brot, das essen schmeckt gut, etc.

    • I agree that I must do it in a practical, everyday setting. I guess that’s the problem…Christian speaks perfect English and of course is now living with me in the states, so it doesn’t come as easily to speak German as the primary home language. But it WILL be! AT LEAST I understand everything you wrote! 🙂

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