Swaddle school and Semolina soup

We did it. We graduated from “Swaddle School,” otherwise known as our prenatal class! Whoo hoo! I knew all those years of making burritos were good for something!
Our class was held at Las Palmas, where we plan on having Hannah, and instead of a few two-hour classes held for about a month, we got an all-day-long crash course which ended up being interesting, fun and very informative. I thought it would be the same old thing, praising the hospital, advertising diapers and Enfamil and showing the requisite birthing movie, but instead it was taught by a lactation consultant for the hospital, and she gave an insider’s perspective, some very valuable tips that you don’t get in any of the books, and she made it interesting. On top of that, a free Subway lunch (6 inch, whole wheat turkey with no mayo, no oil, no olives, etc…) was served, as well as Nutrigrain bars and trail mix. A far cry from the last Medicaid class I had to attend, which discussed prenatal nutrition. The snack there? Egg McMuffins!
Of course we DID still have to watch two videos. One a natural birth and one a C-section. Both movies were circa 1987, the women with mushroom, frosted hairdos, Keds with socks and shoulder pads, but of course the topic is timeless and at least there was no snickering in the room. Basically I did come out of there even further convinced I want NO epidural, No episiotomy, and NO C-section. Yep, I still want to go au naturale. I know many who will say, “Ha ha. Oh, you say that NOW. Just you wait.” I know I can do it!


Christian made lots of his semolina soup last night, as well as a salad made with cabbage and tomatillos. We haven’t had anything with tomatillos yet at home, and it was such a pleasant surprise to taste their tanginess and freshness. They remind me very much of the Physalis fruit I grew to love in Germany (but can’t find ANY store around here that sells Physalis!). Basically tomatillos (and physalis fruit) are like little underripe tomatoes wrapped in husk. They are tart, yet with a sweetness, and almost a mix between tomato, cucumber and persimmon. Delicious!
If you have had Physalis fruit, did you have it here in the states, or elsewhere?

Addendum: HELP! Does anyone have a recipe for a Turkish panini sandwich? Christian said he ate this street food often on a visit to Turkey and I’d love to make it for him. It basically had a dried sausage of some sort, cheese, tomato, green bell pepper and some other ingredients, and was grilled like a panini. Served with a yogurt “lassi” type drink. Anyone familiar with it???


2 responses to “Swaddle school and Semolina soup

  1. Hello
    Natural all the way! I really hope you can do it! it was my plan, too, and I picked a hospital that offers birthing tubs so you can at least relax during contractions. Unfortunately my son had other plans and for various medical reasons we ended up with a scheduled C-Section. I feeled like a total failure. It took me a while to come around and a nurse told me: It’s like going on a trip. In the end, it doesn’t matter whether you take the train, the plane or the car. You just all need to make it there safely and then have a good time. Boy, was she right. I wish you all the best in the pursuit of your plan. Women are so strong and you CAN DO IT! Just don’t get too focused on YOUR plan. It might not be Hannah’s 🙂 I have had another scheduled C-Section since and plan on having a third C-Section with our little girl in Feb. Partly because my docs don’t do VBACs and also because we don’t have any family here but need a support system to help us during the hospital stays. It’s easier this way to schedule incoming flights 🙂

    Don’t know that Panini Sandwich, I just know I miss Doener Kebabs… The lassi drink you are referring to is called Ayran.

  2. Oh yeah… get a Doula, it will be a tremendous help when going natural. Totally worth the money. There are also post-partum doulas that then come to your house after you are at home. Like the insurance paid nurses in Germany….

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