Pregnant (but not barefoot)

I’d been craving sushi all day yesterday, but when push came to shove (and we realized we really shouldn’t be indulging in sushi when we’re trying desperately to save money) we headed on over to our “default” restaurant right down the street… Rudy’s. This BBQ “roadhouse” just SCREAMS “white trash,” but in an ever-so-endearing and delicious way! Where else can one go stand in line like a cattle herd up for the slaughter, perhaps behind a girl who looks eerily like Britney Spears circa-breakdown, and get mayonnaisy potato salad, buttermilk pie, banana puddin’, pulled pork or brisket by the pound, all the onions and pickles and jalapenos that you want, WITH a great view of the freeway?
I LOVE the place! I think it’s got great barbeque, a fun concept, is reasonable, and must say, it’s fun to have no plates or dainty napkins. It’s all about just digging in and eating, vanity be damned.
All that was missing from me was the lack of a pair of shoes. I already had the pregnant, tired housewife look, lol. The fake Ed Hardy sundress on, the pink flip-flops… A long way away from ordering the Uni or the Tekka Maki, wearing Nanette Lepore or Miu Miu.
Christian and I each ordered the half chicken which is, as it says, just that. Half a roasted chicken, unceremoniously chopped right down the middle and served in one of those red and white checked french fry holders. Sides included good coleslaw (not toooooo mayonnaisy), creamed corn and, for dessert, luscious banana pudding (must get recipe). We gorged on the free pickled jalapenos/carrots/onions, too, taking note of the nearest restroom as we did.
Today I meet my mom at Target for a little mother-daughter-bonding baby shopping. I’m on the ultimate quest…to find the safest, prettiest, handiest, cheapest, most unique, most practical and most talked-about travel system. Anyone have any tips or cautionary tales? After that, she’s taking me to Carino’s Italian Restaurant to eat. Another chain. Another chance at Italian food in El Paso…


One response to “Pregnant (but not barefoot)

  1. one hand collapsable strollers are the way to go!

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