H&H, R&R and some S&M

… Aw, come on. I just wanted to see if I got your attention. I most certainly will have more hits on this blog with “S&M” in the title, no? 😉
Yesterday I went with my dear friend Kay to go get her car washed at the “infamous” H&H Car Wash in downtown El Paso. It is “infamous” because the car wash also has a hole in the wall dining room for waiting customers which serves Mexican food so good that even Julia Child and George and Laura Bush have eaten there. It has won the James Beard Foundation award. There you’ll find bank CEOs rubbing shoulders with janitors, nurses, professors and even chefs from the most upscale El Paso restaurants.
H&H is not so well-known for its car washing, although it is very good. What it IS known for is its salsa and its Chiles Rellenos. Unfortunately I’d already eaten, so I just took a taste of the salsa that came with Kay’s juevos rancheros. It was delicious…fiery but not Sado-Massiochistic (there… my blog title is relevant!), green and fresh. Kay very much enjoyed the eggs served with hot salsa, tortillas and fried potatoes, and we both enjoyed watching the long-time cooks make enormous batches of battered chiles in anticipation of the large lunch crowds the place gets EVERY day.
Don’t let the shoddy, run-down appearance of the place scare you. It’s the real deal, and there’s a reason Julia Child ate there!
I was really on a quest yesterday to eat the leftovers that have been wallowing in our freezer for a month. Even though we have plenty of groceries in the fridge, I was beginning to feel guilty about letting things just sit there, accumulating ice crystals. So, I compromised. I bought Christian a burrito to go at H&H… a pork and potato burrito. With that I served some leftover salad and some leftover rigatoni. I had some leftover angel hair pasta with sun-dried tomatoes, salad and baguette. There… the freezer was looking a lot more user-friendly.
For dinner, Christian made homemade meatballs. Very simple, almost spartan on the plate, but full of intense meaty flavor and far better than the ready-made frozen meatballs at the grocery store. He simply added paprika, salt and pepper. I ate mine with some Sriracha sauce and some pineapple-habanero salsa and Christian ate his with ketchup. I ate all of mine. I did NOT get on the scale when I woke up this morning. 😉


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