Reminiscing at the Riviera

Since I’d forgotten to bring any Tupperware to bring our leftovers from the cabin home with us, we had to eat up as much as we could of our previous night’s dinner leftovers, and then some. Alas, we had to sacrifice some of Christian’s kartoffelsalat because we had already stuffed ourselves silly with leftover salat, bratwurst (reheated just a tad TOO long in the skillet), chile cheese bread and grilled veggies. But it was all still so good, and we can’t say we didn’t stretch our meals to the fullest.
After tidying up the cabin and taking a nap, we headed on down to El Paso, getting home around 5. Then we tried to decide what to do for dinner: leftover frozen rigatoni with limp salad? Predictable and overpriced chain pizza? Or…heaping plates of Mexican food at a local institution only three blocks from home? Ding! Riviera Restaurant it was. My family took me there as a child quite often, and the place has remained consistently popular for at least 25 years. Although it’s more Tex-Mex or Southwestern than Mexican, it still is authentically El Paso!
Christian ordered the Riviera Tacos, which are a mountain of shredded beef with lettuce and tomato, sour cream, guacamole and refried beans on the side, with flour tortillas. It’s a “build it yourself” meal, which I love because, well, I’m a control freak.
I stuck to the “healthy” mesquite half chicken, which came with a bowl of spicy pinto beans, rice, guacamole and corn tortillas. I barely got through a third of that half chicken, guaranteeing me another two meals of nuttin’ but chicken. More leftovers to freeze in our very, very, very well stocked freezer.
Today I have my 24-week doctor’s visit, although technically I’m really 23 weeks along. I’m DYING to see my Hannah again on the ultrasound AND to ask the doctor if it will be okay for me to join Christian in Bavaria in November. Still torn but also still more than willing to have Hannah at a hospital in Germany, too, if need be. Moral dilemma still hangs over my head. I need a sign.


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