It’s a “babymoon!”

This trip to Cloudcroft has ended up being our “babymoon,” a parents’ last “hoorah” and alone time for a LONG time. I’m not yet so big that I can’t go on hikes, snuggle up with my honey or sleep comfortably, and this second trimester is the best trimester in terms of energy, lack of morning sickness and stamina.
Christian leaves in late November through the first week of December for Bavaria, so this is our chance. And we’ve certainly made the most of it!
I told everyone before I left on this long weekend vacation that it was going to be our weekend of “grillin’ and chillin’,” and that’s what yesterday was all about.
Although neither Christian nor I had ever used a charcoal grill, the one I bought Christian for our anniversary worked like a charm. Although when we took it out of the box, both of us looked at each other and said, “Oh man. It’s going to be a long day.” Parts and parts and parts and more parts. But Christian got it together very quickly and got the coals to heat up in no time. He IS a pro, it’s just in his German blood I guess, to know how to make, to cook, to succeed.
For lunch, we grilled pecan-smoked kielbasa as well as Japanese eggplant, spring onions, red bell peppers and jalapenos. And we served that with leftover Griess Souppe and baguette. I polished off my plate until it glistened white again. It was superb.
After lunch, we read on the porch a bit, took a long nap, and then went walking around Cloudcroft, just as the sun was beginning to set. I can’t recall a time when I actually have remained IN THE MOMENT ALL DAY LONG. Never. I mean, I can be in the moment for a few minutes at a time, but inevitably I begin to obsess about things I need to be taking care of, regretting something, or focusing on something else. Not yesterday. Yesterday was a day for the memory book.
For dinner, Christian grilled us some steaks, as well as more grilled veggies. He managed to cook the PERFECT medium-rare steaks, having salted the steaks 12 hours beforehand to soften the tough muscles. Again, sublime. And neither of us felt ANY need to use the A-1 sauce on the table.
Now we’re at the coffee house, both of us having gotten up late after a great night of deep sleep and vivid dreams. We’ll do lots of walking, maybe catch the Cloudcroft High School team’s home football game, read, cook, nap, take a bubble bath by candlelight and….. ENJOY OUR BABYMOON.
Tonight it’s bratwurst, kartoffelsalat und Cloudcroftbrot (otherwise known as Mountaintop Mercantile Chile-Cheese bread, toasted panini-style on the grill) 😉


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