Sometimes it takes a nudge (or a stab)

Some couples get the Seven-Year Itch. I happened to get the Two-Year-Stab yesterday, mine and Christian’s second anniversary. Mind you, this was self-inflicted, and most definitely not on purpose! But here I was, about one hour before our reservations at Ardovino’s Desert Crossing for dinner, and I was trying to cut some just-baked banana bread out of its glass Pyrex dish. The knife slipped, and the next thing I knew, I felt the most surreal pain, an ACHE really, shoot through my arm. It was so painful, it was beyond pain, if that makes sense.
It took almost a second to realized I’d fully stabbed myself in my left arm. Not just a little graze, pick or slice, but a movie-style stab. I’d JUST noticed it start to bleed before my self-preservation instinct came into play, I put my arm under cold water in the sink, elevated it, and Christian ran over to tie a dishtowel tightly above the wound, and another over it. Keeping my arm elevated, we rushed over to the closest clinic, which happens to be the ONE that does NOT accept Medicaid. As we sat in the waiting room pondering over what to do, we removed the dishtowel and noticed the cut had stopped bleeding and, actually, there was very little blood at all. SOOOO, we headed on over to Walgreen’s and stocked up on butterfly bandages, Neosporin, adhesive pads and an ACE bandage. And to dinner we went, right in time for our reservations. And I am alive to write about it! 🙂 Butterfly bandages and butterfly kisses by my loving husband sure beat $400-not-covered-by-pregnancy-insurance stitches after a 40-minute wait. My arm’s sore but already mending quite nicely.


Yesterday was altogether (other than the arm stabbing and even that really brought us together in a very strange but meaningful way!) a great Second Anniversary day. First we drove downtown for Christian to get his haircut at this place we’ve stumbled across that charges only $4.50 per haircut, man or woman, and we’ve never had any disasters at all. Then we went over to Starbucks to have Americanos and read the paper, waiting for the mall to open so we could get each other anniversary gifts (yeah, we’re both last-minute shoppers!). We got to the mall and realized the stores don’t open until 10 a.m., not 9 a.m., so we decided to go to Target for our mutual gift hunt. Same store, same time. Not easy! We bumped into each other a few times, but hid our gifts well in the shopping carts stuffed with items we had no intention of buying, just using to hide the real deal, lol.
I ended up getting Christian a George Foreman grill just like the one we use up in our cabin in Cloudcroft, New Mexico; as well as a Thermos outdoor charcoal grill, small and perfect for our tiny apartment. I also got him an Eddie Bauer man-bag diaper bag (oxymoron? Lol) stuffed with some onesies and a blanket that says “Daddy’s Little Girl.”
Christian got me what I have been dying for for weeks now… a huge body pillow which should be a required item for ALL pregnant women. To die for! And he got me an electric breast pump which is another item I’d had on my wish list, because in about 4 months, that little device is going to be my best friend.
After Target, we went home and Christian totally revitalized our leftovers from dinner the night before by frying our rigatoni in a bit of butter and adding even more garlic. I added some cheese to our Caprese salad, some baguette, and voila… a very un-leftover-tasting lovely lunch. I tried to hold back, knowing our anniversary dinner would be three courses and very decadent, but he really just made the pasta taste too good for one helping. Oh well, I will live on Greek yogurt, apples and Thermos-grilled veggies this weekend 😉


Dinner at Ardovino’s Desert Crossing was a dream date. It was sprinkling rain, with that amazing desert-rain smell, and the sky was dark and cloudy. We got the closest booth to the huge windows to have a great vista of the Upper Valley and the sunset, and had the restaurant almost pretty much to ourselves, save for the group of young lawyers sitting nearby, one being a bit more pregnant than me, complaining loudly that she couldn’t eat anything on the menu (“No anchovies and do you have raw egg in the dressing?” “Ohhhh, I want a beer so badly!” “I’ll just have the chicken, sauce on the side…”) No ma’am. Not me. Unless it was sushi, beer or steak tartare, nothing was off limits for me!
We started with fried calamari, served with both an ancho-sherry sauce (not for me) and a diavolo sauce. I tend to prefer sauteed calamari, but Christian, who doesn’t enjoy the texture of calamari or scallops, did like the treatment of the non-rubbery sea creatures. Alongside that we were served some of the best sourdough bread, homemade and served with olive oil.
Then we were served their piccolo antipasti salad, a wonderful salad of romaine, salami, cheese, pepperocinis, tomato and a tangy Italian dressing…
And then our main courses. I’d like to start off by saying it was by far the BEST salmon I’ve EVER had, definitely in El Paso but perhaps anywhere I’ve ever eaten salmon. It was crisp on the outside and tender, juicy and light on the inside, served on a bed of farro pasta and asparagus, and stuffed with goat cheese. I almost cried it was so good!
Christian went for the lasagne, which looked amazing. I managed to NOT sneak a bite, because I didn’t want the taste of the gorgeous salmon to leave my tastebuds, lol. We both had plenty to take home for today’s lunch.
And were we glad we didn’t eat all of our main entrees!! The pastry chef, Patrick Rosser, created a dessert trio especially for us to celebrate our anniversary. On the plate were: Black cherry crumble, white peach cheesecake and blueberry cake in an almond crust with Tahitian vanilla ice cream. We demolished the dish, as you can see. Guilt be gone. This was sheer and utter gluttony at its best, and we have NO SHAME. The best!


4 responses to “Sometimes it takes a nudge (or a stab)

  1. Happy Anniversary ! And i am glad you had a happy one after all, lol. that knife stabbing thing could be me. my husband has some really good german kitchen knives and i am NOT allowed to use them, but i’ll manage to cut myself even with a little dull knife that hasn’t been sharpened forever. if its not a knife i’ll just hurt myself with something else, being creative . . .

  2. I’d be careful doing laundry, i once smashed my head on the lid of the washer. Don’t know how i did it.

    • Ha ha ha!!! Oh, I think I have a permanent dent on my head from just that! Christian and I are sitting right now at Jamocha Bean Coffeehouse here in Cloudcroft, and FINALLY fall has arrived! The temperature is about 50 degrees Fahrenheit, and it is gusty, so our beloved Americano coffees are that much better. Today we’ll just walk a bit around town, come home to grill some sausages and Japanese eggplant/onions/peppers, nap, play some games, read and then make some steaks on the grill, weather permitting. I ADORE the autumn! Yesterday I had a big scare because Expedia called me on my cell phone to tell me there have been “major” changes to Christian’s flight schedule for going to Munich Nov. 25-Dec. 7. Apparently Delta canceled a flight, so now he comes back to El Paso Dec. 8. I’m glad he gets to stay an extra day with his family, but one more day without him for me 😦 My family invited me to go with them to the Tamaya Resort outside of Albuquerque for the Thanksgiving holidays, but I’d rather be close to the hospital, JUST IN CASE. Oh please don’t let my Hannah decide to come early!!!

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