The.Best.Salsa. Ever.

Yesterday was lazy day. For me, anyway. Two naps, much eating, little doing. But Christian was on a roll and decided to make a time consuming but luscious salsa for dinner and beyond. He’d outdone himself with his fabulous Milchreis for lunch and I guess decided the creamy and rich, but not so spicy Milchreis needed to be countered by a fiery salsa to add to our evening repertoire.
With his salsa, we served chips and I made a “krautundcracker” sandwich made with toasted Bauernbrot, Mozzarella cheese, roasted Hatch chiles, leftover rotisserie chicken from the night before, beer und brat mustard; and a simple cabbage salad on the side.
The salsa stole the show. But here’s a recipe you can try to get the same effect, even if you don’t live in the land of Habaneros and Hatch green chiles like we do:

Fresca Salsa:

Four yellow Habanero chiles, minced and seeded
Two roasted Hatch green chiles (or Anaheim chiles), minced and seeded
Four Roma tomatoes, finely diced
One medium purple onion, diced
Two cloves fresh garlic, minced
Two tablespoons veggie oil
Two-three tablespoons lime juice, fresh
1/4 cup cilantro or parsley (we used parsley, but cilantro is more authentic)
One large avocado, diced

Mix it all up except the cilantro and avocado. Let stand for an hour to blend flavors, then add the avocado/cilantro mixture and remix. Makes two cups.

I bought some gordita flour discs at the Mexican market yesterday, and with those I’ll make some sunny side up eggs to serve on top, with salsa on top of that for breakfast.


Today is Labor Day, and we originally planned to go up to Aguirre Springs in New Mexico for the day for a hike and picnic, but, being the bookies (no, not THAT kind) and foodies that we are, we’ve decided to make it a day trip to Las Cruces to visit the COAS Bookstore (the Southwest’s largest used book store), Enchanted Gardens greenery, and Zeffiro’s Italian Restaurant for their amazing wood fire stove pizzas and Mediterranean salads. Besides, did we REALLY think we’d find a decent, shady picnic table at the last second on Labor Day? Pshaw!


One response to “The.Best.Salsa. Ever.

  1. A strole through the Landscape Garden would be a nice addition and there are two picnic tables under the trees there. Off I-10, left on University, under the freeway, across the railroad tracks and it’s just there to your left. A beautiful oasis in the desert!

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