Milchreis is nice!

My baby Hannah has been doing some pretty crazy things inside my tummy the last two days. She MUST have grown about one inch AND she’s learned how to do complete somersaults, or at least I feel as if.
I really wanted something, well, baby-foody for lunch today. You know, like peanut butter and jelly, or Cookie Crisp cereal, or applesauce, or oatmeal. Instead, Christian made us MILCHREIS, or otherwise known as rice pudding, German style.
His mom back in Bavaria made this for us one day for lunch when we both were there and, to be quite honest, I thought to myself, “Wow, here we were getting served Schweinebraten or Goulash or Steckerlfisch mit kartoffelpuree und Wurstsalat every day for lunch, and now THIS? Is she tired? Not in the mood to cook?” How WRONG I was. It was the PERFECT lunchtime treat, full of rich milky, cinammon-y, cherry, vanilla-y flavor, and more filling than a slab of pork!
I hadn’t had it since then, and that was a year ago, but Christian must have sensed my yearning for a bit of Oma’s touch, and cooked it up for us for lunch. We originally intended to serve it with sauteed cherries (not cherry preserves, but the closest thing we could find here at our Albertson’s in El Paso was cherry pie filling), so we bought plums in heavy syrup to serve instead. I suppose you could also reconstitute some prunes and get the same effect.
Here’s the recipe, direct from Oma Gisela (i.e. no translation)
For four:

250 g milchreis gründlich waschen mit eineinhalb liter milch einer prise salz
und 1 stückchen vanille bei leichter hitze langsam körnig kochen. nach belieben
mit zucker und zimt bestreuen.
zur verfeinerung mit ausgelassener brauner butter übergießen.

tipp: geschlagene sahne unter den fertigen milchreis heben.
mit obst anrichten.

The milky, grainy, rich and decadent milchreis, with the plums on top, was ambrosial and just hit the spot like nothing else can for me right now. And plus, although Arborio rice is more expensive than your average long-grain rice, the meal in itself is inexpensive, easy, nutritious and practical. Who knew baby food was so INTENSE????


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